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Sulfuric Acid

Daishin Corporation is the leading company known for supplying Sulfuric Acid to the clients. Sulfuric acid is commonly used in textile, paper, fertilizers, and metallurgy. This product has the chemical formula H2SO4 and it is formulated using optimum quality chemical compounds and pioneering techniques. Buy Sulfuric Acid online from Daishin Corporation to get the chemical at the best quality and reasonable price.

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Sulfurous Acid

Sulfurous Acid is a chemical compound. It is an intermediate species in the formation of acid rain from sulfur dioxide. Sulphurous Acid is the strong acid produced by dissolving sulphur dioxide in water. It is also widely used in pulp and paper industry.Sulfurous Acid is a reducing, as well as a bleaching agent.

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Sulfuryl Chloride

Sulfuryl chloride is a compound composed of sulfur, oxygen, and chlorine. It is often used as a source of chlorine. It is widely used as a reagent in the conversion of C-H→ C-Cl adjacent to activating substituents such as carbonyls and sulfoxides. In industry, sulfuryl chloride is most used in producing pesticides.

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Sulfuryl Chloride Fluoride

Sulfuryl chloride fluoride is the chemical compound employed as a solvent for highly oxidizing compounds.Sulfuryl chloride fluoride can be prepared without using gases as starting materials, by treating sulfuryl chloride with ammonium fluoride or potassium fluoride in trifluoroacetic acid.

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Sulphur Technical

We supply Sulphur Granulated and fines, 

Please contact us if you have requirement of any sulphur 

Packed in 25kgs / 50kgs bags 


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Sulphuric acid >96-98 CP 98%

We are the leading Manufacturer, Exporter of Sulphuric acid 98% CP Grade. Our offered Sulfuric acid is a dense, oily liquid, colorless to dark brown depending on purity.

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Sunsol IP600 (Isohexane)

Sunsol IP600 (Isohexane) is a clear, colorless liquid that is used in a variety of ways, such as in break cleaners, polymerization solvents, adhesives, and the like.

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Supraflex® is a dispersion of pigment with acrylic resin formulated for manufacture of flexo-water inks used for printing on Kraft paper, whiter liner, bond paper and cardboard. This product line may be used in flexography machines with high line resolution and rubber dosing roller or closed chamber systems.

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Supralatex® is a dispersion with optimum pigment / resin ratio for coloring natural latex, it ensures coloring while leaving manufacturing process variables and final product properties unchanged.

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