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Rypolene L

Rypolene L is a low molecular weight homopolymer of ethylene. Rypolene L is a high melting point wax. It is commonly used in formulating sealants and hot melt adhesives. The product is compatible with a wide range of polymers, elastomers, waxes, tackifiers and fillers. Rypolene L may also use as an internal lubricant in PVC extrusion packages. Rypolene L is available in 20 kg bags.

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SYLFAT FA1 is an economical low-cost source of liquid fatty acid that is light in color and low in rosin.

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Stamp-Rite is designed specifically for the stamping industry. These products incorporate the latest chemistries and provide our stamping customers with superior lubrication at extended dilutions for excellent economics on a variety of alloys from steel to aluminum. These formulations provide outstanding stability and resistance to bio-fungal activity.

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Start-Rite is intended for use in aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting operations. These lubricants provide added release for parts during the initial start up phase prior to running with conventional die release.

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Technetium is the lowest atomic number element without any stable isotopes; every form of it is radioactive. Nearly all technetium is produced synthetically and only minute amounts are found in nature. Its short-lived gamma ray-emitting nuclear isomer—technetium-99m—is used in nuclear medicine for a wide variety of diagnostic tests. Technetium-99 is used as a gamma ray-free source of beta particles. Long-lived technetium isotopes produced commercially are by-products of fission of uranium-235 in nuclear reactors and are extracted from nuclear fuel rods.

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Tetraglyme is polar polyether solvent.

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