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Titanium Isopropoxide IP >99%

Titanium isopropoxide, also commonly referred to as titanium tetraisopropoxide or TTIP, is a chemical compound with the formula Ti{OCH(CH₃)₂}₄. This alkoxide of titanium(IV) is used in organic synthesis and materials science.

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Titanium Tetrachloride

Titanium tetrachloride is an inorganic compound.It is an important intermediate in the production of titanium metal and the pigment titanium dioxide.It is an unusual example of a metal halide that is highly volatile.Upon contact with humid air, it forms spectacular opaque clouds of titanium dioxide and hydrogen chloride.

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COA of Toluene TOLUENE # Property Spacification Value Test Method 1 Purity wt.% 99.9 min (expected value: 99.98) ASTM D 2360-00 2 Non Aromatics wt.% 0.1 max ASTM D 2360-00 3 Benzene wt.% 0.03 max ASTM D 2360-00 4 Distillation range ?c at 760 mm Hg 1.0 max including 110.6 ASTM D 850-00 5 Appearance Clear liquid free of sedimantation or haze at 18.3 to 25.6?c Visual 6 Total Sulfur wt. ppm 1.0 max ASTM D 4045-99 7 Copper corrosion Pass (1a to 1b) ASTM D 849-97 8 Color, Pt-co scale 20 max ASTM D 1209-00 9 Acid wash color 2 max ASTM D 848-97 10 Acidity None detected ASTM D 847-96 11 Specific Gravity at 15.56/15.56 ?c 0.869 - .0873 ASTM D 4052-96 12 SO2/H2S None detected ASTM D 853-97 13 Vapor Pressure psi 1.1 ASTM D 323-99A MSDS of product

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Toluene 2,6-diisocyanate

Toluene 2,6-diisocyanate is a symmetrical molecule and thus has two isocyanate groups of similar reactivity, similar to the 2-position on 2,4-TDI. However, since both isocyanate groups are attached to the same aromatic ring, reaction of one isocyanate group will cause a change in the reactivity of the second isocyanate group.

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Tolylene Diisocyanate

Tolylene diisocyanate is used for the production of polyurethane foam and other polyurethane including elastomers, synthetic leather, coated fabrics, paints and adhesives.

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Tolyltriazole is mainly used as antirust and corrosion inhibitor for metals. It is also used for antirust oil (tallow) products, the gas phase corrosion inhibitor of copper and aldary, lubricant additive, cycle water treating compound and auto antifreeze.

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