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Tris(2-tolyl)phosphine is a ligand used in a ruthenium-catalyzed direct amination of alcohols.

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Trisodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate

Trisodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate is widely used in painting, printing oil, paper making, plastic, rubber, artificial fiber, welding electric, enamel, electric appliances and construction material.Its industrial grade can be used in the water softener, boiler cleaning agents and detergents, fabrics such as silk enhancer,food-grade used as modifier, catalyst, nutritional supplements.

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Trisol 108

Trisol 108 is a mixture of Methyl Octanoate (C8, 60%) and Methyl Decanoate (C10, 40%). It is a clear liquid under ambient conditions with a musty odour. End-use applications for Trisol 108 include solvents for Agricultural Chemicals, soapmaking, amides, chlorinated lubricants, cutting oils, defoamers, gear oils, ink solvents, isopropyl esters, jet lubricants, methyl ester sulphonates, plasticizers, PEG Esters, rolling oils, sulphurised lubricants, low VOC solvents, metalworking fluids, solvents for inks, solvents for paint removal, production of plasticizer alcohols, emulsifiers, stabilizers, resins, and flavorings. Trisol 108 can be used in many applications where mineral oils are used. Trisol 108 is normally shipped in 200 L plastic drums or 1000 litre IBC’s.

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Trisol 182

Trisol 182 is the ester of 2-ethylhexanol and Lauric acid (C12 fatty acid). The fatty acid used to produce this ester is vegetable derived. Trisol 182 displays particularly good solvency in applications such as ink plate cleaning, and other degreasing applications. Trisol 182 is also used in cosmetic formulations such as nail varnishes and as an emollient in creams and lotions. Trisol 182 is generally packaged in 170kg drums or 850kg IBCs.

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