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Indunal Z 15

Indunal Z 15 is aqueous ammoniacal solution of zinc oxide. It is used as additive for water-based printing inks and overprint varnishes and additive for casein adhesives.

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Isoparaffins are virtually odourless making them particularly suitable for use in odour-free paints, printing inks, dry cleaning, wallpaper manufacture, photocopying, household sprays, fragrant polishes and hand cleaners. Their inertness and low solvency make isoparaffins the ideal carrier for catalysts in polymerisation processes.

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KEMOL-50/120 is used in adhesive industries, paint manufacturing industries, thinner manufacturing industries, resin manufacturing industries, textile & paper processing industries.

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Lead Dioxide

Lead dioxide is an oxide of lead in oxidation state +4. It is a strong oxidizing agent which is used in the manufacture of matches, pyrotechnics, dyes and other chemicals. It also has several important applications in electrochemistry, in particular as a component of lead acid batteries.

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Levoglucosan is an organic compound with six carbon ring structure formed from the pyrolysis of carbohydrates, such as starch and cellulose. Levoglucosan has been described as "an unequivocal biomass burning tracer" in the context of forest and brush fires.Levoglucosan can be utilized in the synthesis of chiral polymers such as unhydrolysable glucose polymers.

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Metallyte™ metalized oriented polypropylene (OPP) ultra-high barrier films are designed to provide optimum protection for oxygen- and moisture-sensitive products with long shelf-life requirements.

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Mixed Glycol

Mixed Glycol contains various type of DEG, MEG, TEG glycols and moisture content. Various glycols in the mixed glycols can perform various functions, however, they are generally valuable as brushing agents and for temperature stability.

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1-Dodecene enters into all reactions typical of alpha olefins. It can be used in the production of amines and amine oxides, mercaptans, oxo alcohols, alkylated aromatics, synthetic lubricants, epoxides and synthetic fatty acids.

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