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Proglyde DMM

Proglyde DMM is aprotic (no hydroxyl functionality), making it relatively inert and enabling it to be used in proton-sensitive systems such as water-based polyurethane coatings.

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Pseudocumene is a flammable aromatic hydrocarbon. It occurs naturally in coal tar and petroleum. Pseudocumene dissolved in mineral oil is used as a liquid scintillator. It is also used as a sterilizing agent and in the manufacture of dyes, perfumes, and resins. Another major use is as a gasoline additive.

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Pyrophyllite is a phyllosilicate mineral composed of aluminium silicate hydroxide. It occurs in two more or less distinct varieties, namely, as crystalline folia and as compact masses; distinct crystals are not known. It occurs in phyllite and schistose rocks, often associated with kyanite, of which it is an alteration product. It also occurs as hydrothermal deposits. Typical associated minerals include: kyanite, andalusite, topaz, mica and quartz. The compact variety of pyrophyllite is used for slate pencils and tailors chalk, and is carved by the Chinese into small images and ornaments of various kinds. Other soft compact minerals (steatite and pinite) used for these Chinese carvings are included with pyrophyllite under the terms agalmatolite and pagodite. Pyrophyllite is easily machineable and has excellent thermal stability. Therefore it is added to clay to reduce thermal expansion when firing but it has many other industry uses when combined with other compounds, such as in insecticide and for making bricks. It is also widely used in high-pressure experiments, both as a gasket material and as a pressure-transmitting medium.

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Pyruvic Acid

Pyruvic Acid is an organic acid, a ketone, as well as the simplest of the alpha-keto acids.Pyruvic acid can be made from glucose through glycolysis, converted back to carbohydrates via gluconeogenesis, or to fatty acids through acetyl-CoA. It can also be used to construct the amino acid alanine and be converted into ethanol.Pyruvic acid is a colorless liquid with a smell similar to that of acetic acid and is miscible with water. In the laboratory, pyruvic acid may be prepared by heating a mixture of tartaric acid and potassium hydrogen sulfate by the oxidation of propylene glycol by a strong oxidizer or by the hydrolysis of acetyl cyanide, formed by reaction of acetyl chloride with potassium cyanide.

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Quinuclidine is an organic compound and a bicyclic amine and used as a catalyst and a chemical building block. It can be prepared by reduction of quinuclidone.The compound is structurally related to DABCO in which the other bridgehead is also nitrogen and tropane with a slightly different carbon frame. Quinuclidine is found as a structural component of some biomolecules including quinine.

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Rifampicin which belongs to semisynthetic, broad-spectrum antibiotic and used in combination with antibiotics. Some of the common adverse effects found for rifampicin are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. This antibiotic mechanism of action includes, it inhibits bacterial DNA-dependent RNA synthesis by inhibiting bacterial DNA- dependent RNA polymerase enzyme. Buy Rifampicin online to avail the chemical online at the best price and superior quality. Post your chemical requirements to buy the chemical from the best Rifampicin supplier online.

Robo Spat™

Robo Spat™ protects robotic nozzles and contact tips from spatter build-up during welding operations. For use in automatic injection systems.

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Rodine A-213

Rodine A 213 is a liquid, cationic inhibitor especially designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid on iron , steel, copper and brass during industrial cleaning operations. It also inhibits the attack of hydrofluoric acid. Rodine A 213 has a strong inhibiting effect and prolongs the pickling time only insignificantly.

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Rust Remover

Rust Remover contains a concentrated blend of inorganic acids, wetting agents, detergents and water softeners designed for the rapid removal of rust. Phosphatizing agent delays future rust, creates a conducive surface for paint adhesion, and reduces amount of paint required.

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Skip Spat™

Skip Spat™ is developed specifically for high temperature applications up to 400°, this revolutionary formula contains a heavier molecular weight than most water based anti spatters for a thicker, higher viscosity material. The proprietary anti-corrosion additive will also protect against rusting. It does not contain any chlorinated solvents, will not carbonize, and is odor free.

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