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Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid and is one of the most used chemicals worldwide, either as a raw material or as a processing agent. It has use in most manufacturing practices in some regard, including the production of paper, refining crude oil, water treatment, fertilizer production, the making of other strong acids, and much more. Sulfuric acid is also employed as a cleaning agent is many industries.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride, colorless cubic crystalline or white crystalline. Soluble in water, glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, liquid ammonia. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid. In the air in the tiny have ChaoXie sex. The relative molecular mass: 58.443 (computational chemistry between), take 2.165 g/cm3 density Degrees Celsius (25). Melting point 801 Degrees Celsius. The boiling point Degrees Celsius 1465. By sodium elements (+ 1 price, relative atomic mass 23) and chlorine elements (one valence, relative atomic mass averaging 35.5) composition, sodium chloride by sodium ions and crystal composed of chloride ion.
CAS: 7647-14-5

  1. It can be used in the chemical industry
  2. It can be used in dye industry
  3. It can be used in metallurgical industry
  4. It can be used in building materials industry
  5. It can be used in mechanical industry
  6. It can be used in petroleum industry
  7. It can be used in light industry
  8. It can be used in the defense and cutting-edge technology

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Packaging form : 50kg bags.
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Triethanolamine also is known as TEA, is an organic colorless compound having both a tertiary amine and a triol. Characteristics of triethanolamine are, it is soluble in water, alcohols have a liquid ammoniacal odor. Triethanolamine plays various roles such as neutralizing agent, emulsifier, an organic additive in making cosmetics, paints, polishes, detergents, personal care products and fragrances.

Butyl Propionate

Butyl Propionate is a water-white colored ester. It is a good choice of slow evaporating solvent, and for replacing xylene in various industrial applications. Butyl Propionate ester reacts with acids to liberate heat along with alcohols and acids. As a solvent butyl propionate can be used in paints, coatings, printing inks, architectural coatings and auto plastics.


Caustic potash, also known as potassium hydroxide, has many niche and industrial applications. Specifically, potassium phosphate, which has a preferred use in fertilizers, is prepared with potassium hydroxide. It also has uses in potassium soap production, the manufacturing of biodiesel, and tanning processes. Potassium hydroxide can also be the electrolyte in alkaline and nickel-iron batteries

Carbon Disulfide

Carbon Disulfide is a solvent for phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, bromine, iodine, fats, resins, rubber and asphalt. It has been used in the purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes.


Defender L-310 provides ethanol producers with a GRAS approval for animal feed, antibiotic-free product to protect yeast from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.Defender L-310 is considered GRAS in beverage ethanol, when used at a maximum level of 117 pounds per 1,000,000 pounds of ethanol produced.Defender L-310 is considered GRAS in DDGS intended for use in animal feed, when used in the propagator and fermenter during ethanol production in accordance with Hydrite’s use instructions, resulting in a maximum residual level of 1581 ppm in the DDGS.

Diethyl Malonate

Diethyl Malonate is an important organic compound and starting materials for many industries. It is chemically diethyl ester of malonic acid and undergoes various chemical reactions involved in malonic ester synthesis, claisen ester condensations reactions. Synthesis of diethyl malonate required reaction between sodium salt of chloroacetic acid with sodium cyanide. Diethyl malonate is the starting material to synthesize vitamin B, barbiturates, vitamin B1and artificial flavourings.


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