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Boron Carbide

Boron carbide is an extremely hard ceramic material used in tank armor, bulletproof vests, and numerous industrial applications. It was discovered in the 19th century as a by-product of reactions involving metal borides. The ability of boron carbide to absorb neutrons without forming long lived radionuclides makes it attractive as an absorbent for neutron radiation arising in nuclear power plants. Nuclear applications of boron carbide include shielding, control rod and shut down pellets. Within control rods, boron carbide is often powdered, to increase its surface area.

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Brake Blaster

Brake Blaster is a solvent based product designed to clean brake parts without damaging rubber or plastic parts. It removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from disc and drum components without residue. Brake components can be cleaned without disassembly.

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Brite Galv™

Brite Galv™ produces sacrificial protection that stops rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. Any deterioration leads to rust or corrosion of the coating rather than the metal surface. Equivalent to hot dip galvanizing in cathodic protection and film durability and protects against caustic action salt spray.

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Bronze Powder

Bronze Powder are manufactured by water-atomising or air-atomising. In addition, we can offer Dendritic Bronze Powders produced via a sinter-diffusion bonding route to give irregular, spherical and dendritic morphologies respectively. Bronze powders are used in very many applications, markets and technologies by virtue of the diverse range of physico-chemical properties.Typical applications include pressed and sintered components, bearings and bushings, steel-backed bearings (bi-metal strip), friction parts, filters, bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals, surface engineering, decorative, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, etc.

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Burco COPB-35

Burco COPB-35 is a high foaming betaine surfactant that is stable in moderate levels of acid and alkali. The surfactant adds foaming and detergency to hand dishwash detergents, car wash detergents, and other cleaner/detergents. The product is compatible with anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants.

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Butyl Formcel

Butyl Formcel solutions are blends of formaldehyde in various alcohols.Soluble in water, alcohol, and ether, they contain no inhibitors or buffering salts.

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Butyl Laurate

Butyl laurate is a chemical compound with waxy soapy fruity peanut odor,a colorless clear liquid with flash point 230 °F.

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Butyraldehyde is the aldehyde derivative of butane. Butyraldehyde is produced almost exclusively by the hydroformylation of propylene. Butyraldehyde can be produced by the catalytic dehydrogenation of n-butanol. Butyraldehyde is used as an intermediate in the manufacturing plasticizers, alcohols, solvents and polymers (such as 2-Ethylhexanol, n-butanol, trimethylolpropane, n-butyric acid, polyvinyl butyral, methyl amyl ketone). It is also used as an intermediate to make pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, antioxidants, rubber accelerators, textile auxiliaries, perfumery and flavors.

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CMIC Chloride

CMIC Chloride is aromatic compound used for research purposes.

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