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ColaDet RA300

ColaDet RA300 is a specially formulated concentrate designed for use in rinse additive formulations for industrial and institutional mechanical dishwashing operations. When this unique blend is used, water spotting and streaking will virtually be eliminated while the drying time will be greatly reduced.

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ColaLube 3400

ColaLube 3400 is an ultra long chainlength, non-foaming alkanolamide. It is soluble in naphthenic oils and dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. Additional benefits include corrosion protection and anti-wear properties.

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ColaLube 3402

ColaLube 3402 is a low foaming; lard oil based alkanolamide that is dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. It provides corrosion protection, antiwear, and EP properties in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

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ColaMulse DBE

ColaMulse DBE is a microemulsifier and surfactant for dibasic ester solvents.It improves the detergency and rinsing properties in degreasers, graffiti/paint removers, and various other solvent based cleaners.

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Colonial 1360

Colonial 1360 is a 60% active aqueous solution of biodegradable triethanolamine linear alkylate sulfonate.It exhibits excellent wetting, foaming, and detergent properties.

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Colonial CNDF

Colonial CNDF is a liquid nonionic designed as a defoaming agent and rinse aid additive.

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Cuprous oxide

Copper(I) oxide or cuprous oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Cu2O. It is one of the principal oxides of copper.It is commonly used as a pigment, a fungicide, and an antifouling agent for marine paints.

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Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid is the cyclic trimer of the elusive species cyanic acid. It finds use as a precursor or a component of bleaches, disinfectants, and herbicides. It is mainly used as a precursor to N-chlorinated cyanurates, which are used to disinfect water. These N-chloro compounds serve as disinfectants and algicides for swimming pool water. It stabilizes the chlorine in the pool and prevents the chlorine from being quickly consumed by sunlight. Because of their trifunctionality, CYA is a precursor to crosslinking agents, especially for polyurethane resins.

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