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Dioctyl Ether

Dioctyl ether is used as anti-static agent, lubricant, electrical insulator, and water repellent.

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Enviro Gel™

Enviro Gel™ is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum based nozzle gels. It provides protection against weld spatter on M.I.G. gun nozzles, contact tips, positioners, stud welding chucks and electrode holders on all automatic and semi-automatic welding apparatus.

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Enviro Spat®

Enviro Spat® is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based anti-spatter. It prevents weld spatter from adhering to M.I.G. gun nozzles, contact tips and related accessories and also allows for pre-heat and higher temperature applications. It is recommended for water based paints. It contains no chlorinated solvents, fluorocarbons, silicones or hydrocarbon compounds.

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Ethyl Bromide

Ethyl bromide is a chemical compound of the haloalkanes group. It is used in organic synthesis as a solvent and also used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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Ethyl Lactate

Ethyl lactate is a monobasic ester formed from lactic acid and ethanol, commonly used as a solvent. This compound is considered biodegradable and can be used as a water-rinsible degreaser. Due to its relatively low toxicity, ethyl lactate is used commonly in pharmaceutical preparations, food additives and fragrances. It is also used as solvent for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, and cellulose ethers. Ethyl lactate hydrolyzes in the presence of water and acids or bases into lactic acid and ethanol. It can be used as a cosolvent to produce suitable conditions for the formation of aryl aldimines.

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Ethyl Laurate

Ethyl laurate is a more lipophilic and less toxic form of the free acid. It is usually used as flavor, spice, urethane additives and pharmaceutical raw materials. It can be used as fixing solutions in gas chromatography. It is also used as a softener, accelerator activator and dispersing agent in organic synthesis.

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Fluoromethane is made of carbon, hydrogen, and fluorine. It is used in the manufacture of semiconductor and electronic products. In the presence of an RF field fluoromethane will dissociate into fluoride ions that selectively etch silicon compound films.

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Fulminic Acid

Fulminic acid was discovered in 1824 by Justus von Liebig. It is an organic acid and an isomer of isocyanic acid. Fulminic acid and its salts (fulminates), for instance mercury fulminate, are very dangerous, and are often used as detonators for other explosive materials, and are examples of primary explosives.

Galaxy 789 SP

Galaxy 789 SP is used in toothpaste, emulsifier, and pharmaceuticals.

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Galaxy 799 SP

Galaxy 799 SP is used in toothpaste, emulsion polymerization.

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