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Chlorous Acid

Chlorous acid is a inorganic compound. It is a weak acid. Chlorine has oxidation state +3 in this acid. Although the acid is difficult to obtain in pure substance, the conjugate base, chlorite, derived from this acid are stable. One example is the salt is well known sodium chlorite. This and related salts are sometimes used in the production of chlorine dioxide.

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Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic acid is obtained from oil of cinnamon, or from balsams. It is also found in shea butter and is the best indication of its environmental history and post-extraction conditions. It can also be made synthetically. It is used in flavors, synthetic indigo, and certain pharmaceuticals, though its primary use is in the manufacturing of the methyl, ethyl, and benzyl esters for the perfume industry. It has a honey-like odor; it and its more volatile ethyl ester (ethyl cinnamate) are flavor components in the essential oil of cinnamon, in which related cinnamaldehyde is the major constituent. Cinnamic acid is also part of the biosynthetic shikimate and phenylpropanoid pathways.

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ColaCap MA026

ColaCap MA026 is a low foam surfactant.It is used in cleaners and detergents.

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ColaDet ANA-P

ColaDet ANA-P is a blend of anionic, nonionic, amphoteric surfactants, which has been formulated for its economics and ease of handling in cold blend applications.

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ColaDet KC-40

ColaDet KC-40 Is a pure potassium coconut soap that exhibits excellent flash foam, good color and low odor.

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ColaDet RA300

ColaDet RA300 is a specially formulated concentrate designed for use in rinse additive formulations for industrial and institutional mechanical dishwashing operations. When this unique blend is used, water spotting and streaking will virtually be eliminated while the drying time will be greatly reduced.

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ColaLube 3400

ColaLube 3400 is an ultra long chainlength, non-foaming alkanolamide. It is soluble in naphthenic oils and dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. Additional benefits include corrosion protection and anti-wear properties.

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ColaLube 3402

ColaLube 3402 is a low foaming; lard oil based alkanolamide that is dispersible in water, forming a chemical emulsion. It provides corrosion protection, antiwear, and EP properties in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

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ColaMulse DBE

ColaMulse DBE is a microemulsifier and surfactant for dibasic ester solvents.It improves the detergency and rinsing properties in degreasers, graffiti/paint removers, and various other solvent based cleaners.

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Colonial 1360

Colonial 1360 is a 60% active aqueous solution of biodegradable triethanolamine linear alkylate sulfonate.It exhibits excellent wetting, foaming, and detergent properties.

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