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2-Hydroxy Anthraquinone

2-Hydroxy anthraquinone is a building block of many dyes and is industrially used in bleaching pulp for paper making.

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2-Methyl-4-Nitroaniline is used as hair dye intermediate. It is also used for the production of paint.

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2-Methyl-5-Nitroaniline is used for printing and dyeing cotton textiles, dyeing viscose fibre, silk cloth, teryleneused, and the intermediate for organo pigments.

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2-Methyl-6-ethylaniline is used as an epoxy curing agent, a corrosion inhibitor and molded plastics, and as an intermediate to prepare organic compounds used for polyurethane, spandex fibers, azo dyes, isocyanates and poly(amide-imide) resins. Other important aromatic amine compound as the starting material to produce polyurethane foam production is toluenediamine.

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3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine is a peroxidse substrate used as a redox indicator.

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3,5-Diaminobenzoic Acid

3,5-Diaminobenzoic Acid used as dyes intermediates.

3,5-diaminobenzoic acid

3,5-diaminobenzoic acid can be used in the manufacturing of reactive dyes.

4 Chloro 2-Amino Phenol

4 Chloro 2-Amino Phenol is Used as an Intermediate to manufacture Dyes & Pharmaceutical

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4,4'-Diaminobenzanilide is widely used as dye and pigment intermediates, organic intermediates and performance chemicals.

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4-Chloro-2-Amino Phenol

4-Chloro-2-Amino Phenol is used in Dyes, basic pharma industry.

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