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1-Phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone can be used in the synthesis of drugs, dyes, pesticides and other organic compounds.

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2-Cyano-6-methoxybenzothiazole is mainly used as dye intermediates.

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2-Nitro Para Phenylene Diamine

1,4-Diamino-2-nitrobenzene is used in dyeing furs brown and reddish brown.

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2-Pyrrolidone Technical 95%min

Chemical description:



--A clearn, colorless liquid;

--Completely miscibe with water, ethanol, ethyl ether and carbon disulfide;

--Excellent solvent


--Solubilizer for injectable liquid formulation.

Packaging and Storeage:

--Packaged in 200kg net galvanized iron drum;

--Handle it carefully to avoid leakage.


3-Amino-2-chlor-6-methylphenol is used in the formulation of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, colors, and tints.

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5- Sodiosulphoisophthalic Acid

5- Sodiosulphoisophthalic Acid is used to dye wool, also dye silk, nylon and leather.

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5-Amino-2-Methylphenol Sulfate

5-Amino-2-methylphenol sulfate is used as a precursor for hair colours. It reacts with primary intermediates to form the final dye-stuff. The reaction can be accelerated by addition of an oxidizing agent , but can also be achieved by air oxidation.

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6-Amino-m-Toluenesulfonic Acid

6-Amino-M-Toluenesulfonic Acid is a off-white to grey powder or crystals.It is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of organic colorants; pigments (red color), dyes,optical brighteners,printing inks.

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BASIC RED 46 Industrial Grade

Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We supply BASIC RED 46 (CAS:12221-69-1). More information please visit the website:

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