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ROTOBASE is a lightweight rock fl our that is enhanced to become ultra pure through special grinding and sieving processes. It is a latent hydraulic / puzzolanic binder, that is also used as a mineral lightweight aggregate.


ROTOCELL is a lightweight and dry granulate that is enhanced to become very pure through a special grinding and sieving processes. It is used as an aggregate in the paint and dry mortar industries, as well as, a substrate in the construction chemical industries.

Tall Oil

Tall oil is obtained as a by-product of the Kraft process of wood pulp manufacture when pulping mainly coniferous trees. The name originated as an anglicization of the Swedish "tallolja" ("pine oil"). Tall oil is the third largest chemical by-product in a Kraft mill after lignin and hemicellulose; the yield of crude tall oil from the process is in the range of 30 – 50 kg / ton pulp. It may contribute to 1.0 - 1.5 % of the mill's revenue if not used internally. The tall oil rosin finds use as a component of adhesives, rubbers, and inks, and as an emulsifier. The pitch is used as a binder in cement, an adhesive, and an emulsifier for asphalt. TOFA is a low-cost and vegetarian lifestyle-friendly alternative to tallow fatty acids for production of soaps and lubricants. When esterified with pentaerythritol, it is used as a compound of adhesives and oil-based varnishes. Tall oil is also used in oil drills as a component of drilling fluids.

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Thiazole is a heterocyclic compound that contains both sulfur and nitrogen.The Thiazole ring is notable as a component of the vitamin thiamine (B1).It is parent material for numerous of chemical compounds including sulfur drugs, biocides, fungicides, dyes, chemcal reaction accelerators. Thiazole dyes contain the color radicals of =C=N- and -S-C= which decide colors to a compound . Thiazole dyes are useful in dying cotton. Thiazole derivatives are important in the industry of dyes, photographic chemicals, sulfa drugs and rubber.

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Vat Dyes

Vat Dyes are normally use for making Powder fine, Micro Disperse Indigosol and Vat Paste and specially used for dyeing & printing of high quality yarn & fabrics.


m-Cresol is a phenol. Amongst its uses it can be used as a solvent for dissolving polymers, most notably the conducting polymer polyaniline. When polyaniline is cast from a solution of m-cresol or a polyaniline film is exposed to m-cresol vapor the conductivity is higher than a polyaniline film cast without the presence of m-cresol.

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o-Cresol is a phenol. It is an isomer of p-cresol, m-cresol and anisole. Cresols are used to dissolve other chemicals, as disinfectants and deodorizers, and to make specific chemicals that kill insect pests. They are found in many foods and in wood and tobacco smoke, crude oil, coal tar, and in brown mixtures such as creosote, cresolene and cresylic acids, which are wood preservatives.

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Acid Dyes

Our acid dyes have application in silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers from neutral to acid dye baths. Manufactured keeping the various requirements of our clients in mind, our acid dyes are non-caustic, are in many cases non-toxic and deliver superior results.

Basic Dye

Basic Dye is a stain that is cationic (positively charged) and so will react with material that is anionic (negatively charged). Their color base is not water soluble but can be made so by converting the base into a salt. The basic dyes, while possessing great tinctorial strength and brightness, are not generally light-fast. These are mainly applied to acrylic fibers, but find some use for wool and silk.

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