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Auramine O

Auramine O is a diarylmethane dye used as a fluorescent stain. It can be used to stain acid-fast bacteria, where it binds to the mycolic acid in its cell wall, in a way similar to Ziehl-Neelsen stain. It can also be used as a fluorescent version of Schiff reagent. Auramine O can be used together with Rhodamine B as the Truant auramine-rhodamine stain for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It can be also used as an antiseptic agent.

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Basic Dyes

Basic Dyes are also known by name of cationic dyes and comprise class of synthetic dyes that works as base. Upon mixing in water, they assist in formation of colored cationic salt that react with anionic sites on surface of substrates. These basic dyes provide assistance in producing bright shades featuring superior tinctorial values on textile materials.Its application is similar to that of direct dyes but requires different and more precise controls with auxiliaries and temperature.

Bufferon 7

Bufferon 7 is a buffer for HT dyes.

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Butanamide is the amide of butyric acid.It is mainly used in the coloring of coatings, inks, plastic and rubber products.

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CLiQSPERSE wetting and dispersing agents for aqueous and non-aqueous coatings or pigment concentrates to improve pigment dispersion, stability and compatibility.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is a key ingredient in many foods. The oil has many non-food uses, and often replaces non-renewable resources in products including industrial lubricants, biofuels, candles, lipsticks, and newspaper inks.

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Carmoisine is a synthetic red food dye from the azo dye group. It usually comes as a disodium salt. Carmoisine is a red to maroon powder. It is used for the purposes where the food is heat-treated after fermentation.

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Cresol Red

Cresol Red is a triarylmethane dye frequently used for monitoring the pH in aquaria.

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Exoline 2H

Exoline 2H is a core neutralizing acid.

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Exoline 3H

Exoline 3H is a non volatile neutralizing agent.

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