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Basic Dye

Basic Dye is a stain that is cationic (positively charged) and so will react with material that is anionic (negatively charged). Their color base is not water soluble but can be made so by converting the base into a salt. The basic dyes, while possessing great tinctorial strength and brightness, are not generally light-fast. These are mainly applied to acrylic fibers, but find some use for wool and silk.


Benzidine is a aromatic amine. It is a synthetic chemical that does not occur naturally. It is a component of a test for cyanide and also in the production of dyes. Benzidine has been linked to bladder and pancreatic cancer. Benzidine is prepared in a two step process from nitrobenzene. Benzidine has been used for over a century as an intermediate in the production of azo dyes, sulfur dyes, fast color salts, naphthols, and other dyeing compounds.

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CLiQSMART defoamers are used in industrial or decorative systems to sufficiently defoam a system during production or application. The CLiQSMART defoamers are well balanced in system compatibility and defoaming efficiency.


CarboBond is especially suitable for the kind of adhesive application where electrical conductivity is of primary importance.


Carthamin is a natural red pigment derived from safflower. It is used as a dye and a food coloring. It is composed of two chalcones; the conjugated bonds being the cause of the red color. It is derived from precarthamin by a decarboxylase.

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Chloranil is used as a fungicide. It is also used as an oxidizing agent in the organic synthesis especially for dye intermediates and vulcanization agent.

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A deep crimson dye is extracted from the female cochineal insects. Cochineal is used to produce scarlet, orange and other red tints. The colouring comes from carminic acid. It is used as a fabric and cosmetics dye and as a natural food colouring. In artist's paints, it has been replaced by synthetic reds and is largely unavailable for purchase due to poor lightfastness. When used as a food additive the dye must be included on packaging labels.

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Flashsoap is an acidic soaping agent.

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HECELLOSE is a non-ionic water soluble cellulose ether used as a thickner and rheology modifier in water based paints such as Emulsion Paints, Distempers, Acrylic Putty, Primers, etc.

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