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Quercitron is a yellow natural dye obtained from the bark of the Eastern Black Oak.Quercetin is a crystalline powder of a brilliant citron yellow color, entirely insoluble in cold water and dissolving only sparingly in hot water, but quite soluble in alcohol.Chemically, quercetin is a member of a fairly extensive class of natural coloring matters derived from phenyl benzoyl-pyrone or flavone.


Quinaldine is used in anti-malaria drugs, in manufacturing dyes, food colorants (e.g. Quinoline Yellow WS), pharmaceuticals, pH indicators. Quinaldine sulfate is an anaesthetic used in fish transportation.

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Quinizarine is an organic compound derived from anthroquinone. It is an inexpensive dye that is used to colour gasoline and some heating oils. It is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of indanthrene- and alizarin-derived dyes. It is also used to form lake pigments with calcium, barium, and lead.

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RHINOL - G is used as an Thickening Agent For All Types of Non aqueous System

Rupalox LX

Rupalox LX is particularly suited to print onto varnished surfaces Powder-coated surfaces ABS, Polycarbonate (PC) Acrylglas (PMMA) Polystyrol (PS) some metals. Rupalox LX is having high gloss, good opacity, Single component ink system drying by oxidation, very good printability.

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Ruparop PP

Ruparop PP is particularly suited to print onto Pre-treated or untreated polypropylene (PP) Mostly, a pre-treatment of the surface by flaming, Corona discharge or applying our Special Primer is not necessary. Its good adhesion enables prints onto many non pre-treated polypropylene materials.

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Stereocoll is a well-established range of aqueous, anionic copolymer dispersions that are excellent thickeners for use in coating colors applied to paper and board. It is used to increase the viscosity and water retention of coating colors and to improve their runnability. It is best suited for coated paper and board used in food-packaging applications.


Tartrazine is a synthetic lemon yellow azo dye used as a food coloring. It is a commonly used color all over the world, mainly for yellow, but can also be used with Brilliant Blue FCF or Green S to produce various green shades.

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Unisil STB

Unisil STB is a nano jet silicone emulsion.

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Unisoft NW

Unisoft NW is a sanforizing & raising softener for white goods.

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