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Colordeep N

Colordeep N is an color enhancer for textile or fabrics.

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Colorfix NF

Colorfix NF is a formaldehyde free color fixing agent.It can be safely used with no shade change.It is formalin free.

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Colorfix RD

Colorfix RD is a speciality chemical used for dyeing process in the textile industry. It is also used as color fixing agent for reactive & direct dyes.

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D&C Green 8

D&C Green 8 coloring agent used in hair dyes.D&C Green 8 is a yellow-green powder used in soap, shampoo, bubble bath and topically applied drugs applications.

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DURALOX 130 is a dilute solution of butylated hydroxytoluene recommended for the retarding of skin in heatset paste inks.

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DURALOX 133 is a dilute solution of butylated hydroxytoluene recommended for the retarding of skinning in sheetfed inks.

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Dispersants help produce high quality inks and gain optimum printing performance from the ink.Dispersant's evenly distribute the pigments throughout the ink and help to prevent particle agglomeration and sedimentation. This allows you to increase pigment loading to produce high quality, deep and defined colours. Major benefits of dispersants improved colour development, higher pigment loading,improved dispersion and emulsion stability and control of dispersion and emulsion rheology according to end-use applications.

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EP 1186/MIS

EP 1186/MIS is a tracer dye which is invisible even at high concentrations under normal received white light. EP 1186/MIS fluoresces only under irradiation by tuned UV light and has been proven effective in numerous sensitive in-shore test-and-discharge schemes. EP 1186/MIS is up to ten times less toxic towards marine life than rhodamine or fluorescein dyes.

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Erythrosine, also known as Red No. 3, is an organoiodine compound, specifically a derivative of fluorone. It is cherry-pink synthetic, primarily used for food coloring. Erythrosine is the disodium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetraiodofluorescein. Its maximum absorbance is at 530 nm in an aqueous solution, and it is subject to photodegradation.Erythrosine used as a printing inks, biological stain,dental plaque disclosing agent,sensitizer for orthochromatic photographic films.Erythrosine is commonly used in sweets such as some candies and popsicles, and even more widely used in cake-decorating gels. It is also used to color pistachio shells.

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Harshol CRL

Harshol CRL is a powerful retarding, migrating and levelling agent specially for cationic, reactive, direct, acid & metal complex dyes. It gives excellent fastness properties. Fabric dyed with Harshol CRL gives good exhaustion .it does not allow Cationic Dyes to migrate on polyester fabric.

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