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Acetanilide is used as an inhibitor in hydrogen peroxide and is used to stabilize cellulose ester varnishes. It has also found uses in the intermediation in rubber accelerator synthesis, dyes and dye intermediate synthesis, and camphor synthesis. It is used as a precursor in the synthesis of penicillin and other pharmaceuticals.

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Acid Blue 1

Acid blue 1 is mainly used for wool and silk dyeing and printing fabrics and can also be used to prepare carbon paper, black water and the lake. Besides,it can also be used for coloring plastics and bio-coloring.

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Acid Blue 9

Acid blue 9 is used in soaps, shampoos, and other hygienic and cosmetics applications.

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Acid blue 7

Acid blue 7 is used in pesticide products to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients, make the product easier to apply, or to allow several active ingredients to mix in one solution.

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Acid red 14

Acid red 14 is a synthetic red food dye from the azo dye group. Azorubine is commonly used in the UK and in several other countries in a popular brand of soda and in children's medicine Calpol, But it is a prohibited food additive in Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United States

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Acid red 18

Acid dyes are water-soluble dyes employed mostly in the form of sodium salts of the sulfonic or carboxylic acids. They are anionic which attach strongly to cationic groups in the fibre directly. They can be applicable to all kind of natural fibres like wool, cotton and silk as well as to synthetics like polyesters, acrylic and rayon. They are also used in paints, inks, plastics and leather.

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Acid red 52

Acid red 52 is a type of acid dye used in textile industries.

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Acid red 57

Acid red 57 is used in dyeing & printing of textiles and also in the dyeing of fur & leather.

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Acid red 88

Acid red 88 is used an dye intermediate and also it is used in dyeing of leather.

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Acid red 97

Acid red 97 is mainly used for bulk hair, cloth, wool, silk, nylon, leather, paper, metal etc.

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