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6-Amino-m-Toluenesulfonic Acid

6-Amino-M-Toluenesulfonic Acid is a off-white to grey powder or crystals.It is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of organic colorants; pigments (red color), dyes,optical brighteners,printing inks.

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6-Nitro 2 Amino Phenol 4 Sulfonic Acid

6-Nitro-2-Aminophenol-4-sulfonic acid is used as intermediate for the synthesis of dyes, pigments.etc

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Acid yellow 54 is a Yellow powder, soluble in water. Acid yellow 54 is used for wool, polyamide fiber and wool blended fabric dyeing and printing, also used in leather color. Acid yellow 54 is mainly used for dyeing fine, coarse textiles, loose wool, wool tops, wool knitted fabrics, carpets.

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