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Accepta 8004

Accepta 8004 is a very versatile and effective liquid biocide based on 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bronopol).It is used for controlling bacterial growth in industrial process systems such as industrial process waters, re-circulating water cooling towers and evaporative condensers, oil production and transport, and pulp and paper production. It is also effective in preservation of adhesives, starch pigment and extender slurries, printing inks, fountain solutions, paints, latex and antifoam emulsion systems.

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Acenaphthene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consisting of naphthalene with an ethylene bridge connecting positions 1 and 8. An alternative name, 1,2-dihydroacenaphthylene, emphasizes that it is a hydrogenated form of acenaphthylene. It is a constituent of coal tar.Acenaphthene was prepared the first time from coal tar by Marcellin Berthelot and after that with Bardy he synthesized it from a-ethyl naphthalene. It is used in preparation of dyes, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.It does not appear to be carcinogenic.

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Acid Black 1

Acid Black 1 (CAS NO.1064-48-8) is a stain for acidic peptides. Amido Black 10B is a synthetic acid dye containing both NN and CC chromophore groups (pyrazolone dye). It is a dark red to black powder; soluble in water; used as a stain for protein-containings. Chemical designation is 4-Amino-5-hydroxy-3- [(4-nitrophenyl)azo]- 6-(phenylazo)- 2,7-Naphthalene disulfonic acid, disodium salt.

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Acid Black 2

Acid Black 2 is used in dying of leather, wood and textiles. It is used in the manufacture of ink, shoe polish cream, carbon paper and toners.It is also used in compounding resins include phenolic resins, styrenics, polyamides and urea resins.

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Acid Blue 15

Acid blue 15 is used in dyeing of textiles,wool,nylon,silk etc.

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Acid Blue 17

Acid Blue 17 is a compound which belongs to acid dyes.It is mainly used in industrial dyeing.

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Acid Blue 25

Acid Blue 25 is used for wool, nylon, silk, paper, ink, aluminum, detergent, wood, fur, cosmetics, biological stains.

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Acid Blue 29

Acid blue 29 is used in wool,silk, nylon and leather etc.

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Acid Brown 4

Acid brown 4 is used in vinegar and it is used as an fertilizer.

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Acid Red 111

Acid Red 111 is Anthraquinone based dye, used for plastics coating.

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