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Exoline 3025

Exoline 3025 is a speciality chemical used for dyeing process in the textile industry.It is an eco friendly, non foaming soaping agent.

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Exoline 3027

Exoline 3027 is a speciality chemical used for dyeing process in the textile industry.It is an eco friendly, non foaming soaping agent.

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Fast Red ITR

Fast Red ITR can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates and hair dye intermediate. It can also be used in semi-permanent&permanent hair colors for cosmetic.

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Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid is a chemical compound. The salts and esters of fumaric acid are known as fumarates. It is used as acidity regulator in food products. Fumaric acid esters are used to treat psoriasis, as it has been suggested that the condition is caused by an impairment of fumaric acid production in the skin. It is used in the manufacture of polyester resins and polyhydric alcohols and as a mordant for dyes.

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Fumed Silica

Fumed silica consists of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica fused into branched, chainlike, three-dimensional secondary particles which then agglomerate into tertiary particles. The resulting powder has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. Its three-dimensional structure results in viscosity-increasing, thixotropic behavior when used as a thickener or reinforcing filler. It serves as a universal thickening agent, in milkshakes for example, and an anticaking agent (free-flow agent) in powders. Like silica gel, it serves as a desiccant. It is used in cosmetics for its light-diffusing properties. It is used as a light abrasive, in products like toothpaste. Other uses include filler in silicone elastomer and viscosity adjustment in paints, coatings, printing inks, adhesives and unsaturated polyester resins. It is also used in the production of cat box filler.

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Hydroquinone is a major component in most black and white photographic developers for film and paper where, with the compound metol, it reduces silver halides to elemental silver.

Jaune W 1122

Jaune W 1122 is a non oxidizing colouring agent for semi permanent hair dyeing. Jaune W 1122 appears as an orange powder. Jaune W 1122 product is suggested for use in gel, cream, shampoo and mousse applications.

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Lead Acetate

Lead Acetate is made by treating lead(II) oxide with acetic acid. Lead acetate can be made by boiling elemental lead in acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. It is used as a reagent to make other lead compounds and as a fixative for some dyes. It is also used as a mordant in textile printing and dyeing, as a drier in paints and varnishes, and in preparing other lead compounds, used in men's hair coloring products. Lead Acetate paper is used to detect the poisonous gas hydrogen sulfide.

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Lead Dioxide

Lead dioxide is an oxide of lead in oxidation state +4. It is a strong oxidizing agent which is used in the manufacture of matches, pyrotechnics, dyes and other chemicals. It also has several important applications in electrochemistry, in particular as a component of lead acid batteries.

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Leather Dyes

We are leading manufacturer, suppliers & exporter of leather dyes. Our premium quality leather dyes range is exported to various countries in the world including USA, UK, Italy, Dubai, Brazil & many others. Our leather dyes are light fast, washing fast & have good solubility. The primary applications of our leather dyes is in leather industry manufacturing bags, shoes, belts, jackets & various others.The quality, measured in terms of strength, fastness and repeatability of colors makes them ideal for dyeing leather for furniture of leather, footwear and automobile industry products.

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