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Direct Blue 86

Direct Blue 86 is for dyeing leather and pulp, as well as for making peacock blue lake pigments.


DisperBYK-2117 was developed for use in solvent-borne printing inks and pigment concentrates. It is mainly used in the dispersion of carbon blacks and organic phthalo pigments (blue and green).

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Disperse Red 4

Disperse Red 4 is used as an dye intermediate and it mainly used in hair dyes.

Disperse Red 9

Disperse Red 9 is of good heat resistance, light fastness and bright color. Disperse Red 9 is used in candles, plastics, smoke.

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ErkamarVP 5885

ErkamarVP 5885 is internal plasticized maleic resin. It light, yellowing stable combination resin for printing inks with high flexibility as well as high adhesion and wetting properties, due to its very low odor also suitable in overprint varnishes, as combination resin in powder coatings the reverse impact followed by high adhesion properties is improved.


M-Bromoaniline is used in medicine, pesticide, dye. It is also used as intermediate in preparation of other organic compound.

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M-Nitroaniline is non-volatile stable solid commonly used as a raw material for dyes.It is used as a chemical intermediate for azo coupling component 17 and the dyes disperse yellow 5 and acid blue 29. The chemical is changed to other substances (dyestuffs and m-nitrophenol) during the dyeing process.

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Megaclear 4-11

Megaclear 4-11 is a Bifunctional(acidic-alkali) reductive agent.

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Metanil Yellow

Metanil Yellow is used in printing on paper, dyeing on fibres, silk, wool, nylon, silk, paper, ink, aluminum, detergent, wood, fur, cosmetics, biological stain etc.

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Metanilic Acid

Metanilic acid is used in the manufacture of azo dyes and in synthesis sulfa drugs.

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