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Acid Black 107

Acid Black 107 is an acid dye that exhibits good solubility in water and can be applied to different kinds of fields,such as leather,silk,nylon,fabric,wool and fur,etc

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Acid Black 172

Acid Black 172 is a type of acid dye and widely used in dyeing Leather, Silk, Nylon and Wool Fabric.

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Acid Black 194

Acid Black 194 can be used for wool, polyamide, Silk and wool blended fabric dyeing, direct printing in wool, Silk fabric fiber.

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Acid Black 210

Acid black 210 is used in leather and textile such as silk,nylon and fabric.

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Acid Blue 92

Acid blue 92 is used in wool, silk, viscose fiber coloring, nylon and silk fabric dyeing.

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Acid Blue 158

Acid blue 158 is used in mine, oil,and in chemical industries.

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Acid Blue 193

Acid blue 193 is used in wool, silk and in leather products.

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Acid Brown 365

Acid Brown 365 is a leather dye which is also called with other names like Acid Brown M 2RL,Acid Brown RM,Ambilan Brown M 2RL,Colorosacid Brown 365,Colorosacid Brown RM,Gryfalan Brown RL,Indacid Brown M 2RL.

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Acid Brown 434

Acid Brown 434 is used to improve and enhance the look, shine and life of various leather product.

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Acid Orange II

Acid Orange II is a various mixture of sulfonated fuchsins. It is used in Andrade's indicator and in various complex stains to demonstrate collagen fibres red and in smooth muscle in contrast to collagen. It is used as a pH indicator,used for silk and wool dyeing, widely used in wool dyeing, can be used for wool, silk and polyamide fiber fabric of direct printing, leather and paper color, can also be used in indicator and biological shading.

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