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Purelet reb BR

Purelet reb BR is a brilliant red color dye. It is anionic, homogenous, free from banned chemicals. It also has high colour strength, gives level dyeing, possess good dyeing properties, excellent shade build up.

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Cyanic acid (the isomer of fulminic acid) is an unstable (explosive), poisonous, volatile, clear liquid with the structure of H-O-C≡N (the oxoacid formed from the pseudohalogen cyanide), which is readily converted to cyamelide and fulminic acid.

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Saura Solve-HV

Saura Solve-HV is dispersing agent for vat, pigment and disperse dye application. Saura Solve-HV improves dispersion of the dyebath, depth & brightness of the dye, prevents dyestuffs agglomeration and its re-deposition on fibre during dyeing.

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Solvent Red 23

Solvent Red 23 is processed using high grade chemical compounds and advance technology at our well-established production unit.Solvent Red 23 is tested on various parameters of quality.

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Solvent Red 52

Solvent red 52 used in plastic, resin and the mass coloration of polyester fibre.

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Spolapon CS Na

Spolapon CS Na is a sodium cumenesulfonate. Spolapon CS Na is a hydrotropic substance used as a coupling agent, viscosity modifier, solubilizer and cloud point and crystallization temperature depressant in liquid cleaning, washing and laundry detergents, especially heavy duty cleaners, wax strippers, dishwashing liquids, hard surface cleaners, metalworking cleaners etc.Spolapon CS Na is also used as a non-caking agent in the process of spray drying of detergents.

Sulphuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid.It's uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

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lucifer yellow

Lucifer Yellow is a fluorescent dye used in cell biology.The key property of Lucifer yellow is that it can readily visualized in both living and fixed cells using a fluorescence microscope. Lucifer yellow was invented by Walter W. Stewart at the National Institutes of Health and patented in 1978.

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3-Chlorophenol is widely used in the pharmaceutical, dyes and organic synthesis industry. It is also used as a disinfectant. It is an important intermediate in the synthesis of pesticides such as triadimefon, propaphos, phosazetim.

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p-Tolualdehyde is a simple aromatic aldehyde. It is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, perfumes and agrochemicals. It is also used as a fixative of flavorings.

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