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sodium sulfite

Sodium sulfite is a soluble sodium salt of sulfurous acid.It is prepared from sulfur dioxide and sodium carbonate or caustic soda.It is also used as a preservative for fruits,meats.It is also used in pulp and paper industry,photographic industry,in the textile industry as a bleaching, desulfurizing and dechlorinating agent and in the leather trade for the sulfitization of tanning extracts.

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top-granoflour is a natural raw material. It is prepared, processed and further refined using the very sophisticated methods.


trans-Stilbene is a diarylethene, i.e., a hydrocarbon consisting of a trans ethene double bond substituted with a phenyl group on both carbon atoms of the double bond. The name stilbene is derived from the Greek word stilbos, which means shining. It is used in manufacture of dyes and optical brighteners, and also as a phosphor and a scintillator. It is one of the gain mediums used in dye lasers. It have estrogenic activity so used in making non-steroidal synthetic estrogens such as diethyl stilbestrol, fosfosterol, dienesterol.

1,6-Cleves Acid

Cleves Acid is used as an intermediate and it is used in hair dyes and straightening of hair.

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2-Butoxyethanol is an organic solvent. It is a butyl ether of ethylene glycol. It is a solvent in paints and surface coatings, as well as cleaning products and inks. Other products that contain 2-butoxyethanol include acrylic resin formulations, asphalt release agents, firefighting foam, leather protectors, oil spill dispersants, degreaser applications, photographic strip solutions, whiteboard cleaners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, dry cleaning solutions, lacquers, varnishes, herbicides, and latex paints.

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2-Chlorotoluene is used as a solvent and as an intermediate for organic synthesis especially for dyes.

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3-Chloroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of a number of products, including agricultural chemicals, azo dyes and pigments, bactericide or biocide and pharmaceuticals.

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4-Methoxyphenol is used as an inhibitor in vinyl and acrylic monomers, especially for clear products and as an antioxidant. 4-Methoxyphenol is used as a stabilizer to inhibit peroxide formation in ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons and ethyl cellulose. 4-Methoxyphenol is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other stabilizers, dyes, pharmaceuticals and plasticizers.

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5-Methoxyindole is used to make selective herbicides. Indole and its derivatives are widely used in making perfumes, dyes, agrochemicals and medicines.

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5-Nitroguaiacol and their derivatives are used as an external antiseptic, expectorant, gastric sedative, deodorant, and as a parasiticide. Methoxyphenols are used in manufacturing stabilizers and antioxidants for plastics and rubbers. They are also used in analgesics, local anesthetic, flavorings, biocides, antiseptics.

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