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Cyclohexylamine is an organic chemical, an amine derived from cyclohexane. It is toxic by both ingestion and inhalation; the inhalation itself may be fatal. It readily absorbs through skin, which it irritates. It is corrosive. It is used as an intermediate in synthesis of some herbicides, antioxidants, accelerators for vulcanization, pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitors, some sweeteners etc. It has been used as a flushing aid in the printing ink industry.

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Dimethylaniline is an organic chemical compound, a substituted derivative of aniline. It consists of a tertiary amine, featuring dimethylamino group attached to a phenyl group. It is an important precursor to dyes such as Crystal violet. It serves as a promoter in the curing of polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is also used as a precursor to other organic compounds.

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Direct Black 22

Direct Black 22 is mainly used for cotton, viscose, wool/stick,nylon/rayon blended fabric dyeing and printing, also used in leather and paper dyeing.

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Direct Bordeaux

Direct Bordeaux consist of complex sulfonic acids and become an integral part of direct dyes that belongs to the category of non metalized Azo groups.This preferred range is highly soluble in water and needed in any special treatment process where the post dyeing stage is followed in solving the problem related to wet fastness.Direct Bordeaux is used for silk,jute,linen,cotton and viscose.

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Direct Brown MR

Direct Brown MR is known for thorough dyeing of different components. This is available in either powder form or in liquid concentrate, making it easy to measure and handle. We are known to been an important part of the dyeing industry and our offered range can be used in the same dye bath in which other acid dyes are used.

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Direct Red Dyes

Aditya Color Chem Backed by rich industrial experience in this domain, we are highly engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Direct Red Dyes. Widely acclaimed in various textile industries, our offered dyes are highly appreciated for their remarkable features. In addition to this, the offered dyes are stringently tested by our quality inspectors on different quality parameters to ensure their precise compositions. We offer these dyes to our patrons in various packaging options as per their requirements.

Direct Violet 9

Direct Violet 9 is most suitable for dyeing of cellulosic fibers like cotton, flax, viscose rayon, acetate and jute.It is also applicable on Leather and Paper coloration.

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Disperse Blue 3

Disperse Blue 3 is a nonfluorescent, hydrophobic dye.It is used for polyester dyeing & printing.

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Ferric Sulphate

Ferric sulfate is the sulfate of trivalent iron. It is used in dyeing as a mordant, and as a coagulant for industrial wastes. It is also used in pigments, and in pickling baths for aluminum and steel. Medically it is used as an astringent and styptic.

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Megaclear 5 LIQ

Megaclear 5 LIQ is an acidic reductive cleaning agent.

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