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Methanilic Acid

Methanilic Acid is used in the manufacture of azo dyes and in synthesis sulfa drugs.

Microchek MZ 36

Microchek MZ 36 is a printing inks chemical used in preservative for aqueous inks.

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N-Phenyl J-Acid

N-Phenyl J-Acid is an intermediate For Reactive Dyestuffs

Naphthol AS-IRG

Naphthol AS-IRG is used as intermediate for the manufacture of organic pigments,pigment yellow 83 and azoic dye.

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Natural Red #24

Natural Red #24 can be readily used for dying leather and other natural fibers.

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Orthanilic Acid

Aniline-2-sulfonic acid is used as dyes intermediates.

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Ortho Anisidine

Ortho Anisidine is used as intermediate for dyes.

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Ortho Toluidine

Toluidines are used in the production of dyes. They are a component of accelerators for cyanoacrylate glues. They are toxic and are suspected human carcinogens. o-Tolidine, used as a presumptive test for blood in forensic science, is two o-toluidine molecules linked together.

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PIGMAPOL 200 AN is a neutralized synthetic thickener for pigment printing, with good resistance to the electrolytes.

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