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Pigment Blue 36

Pigment Blue 36 is a class of high-performance cobalt chromite based pigment, is designed to provide outstanding heat resistance, chemical stability and outdoor durability. Pigment Blue 36 pigment meets the demanding performance requirements of the military, aerospace and architectural industries.

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Pigment Blue 60

Pigment Blue 60 are synthetic organic pigments that are found in most products that are colored, such as printing inks, paints, plastics, crayons, textile, and many other applications.

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Pigment Green 7

Pigment Green 7 is a synthetic green pigment.It is a bright, high intensity colour used in oil and acrylic based paints,printing inks, lacquers, rubber, leather and book cloth, textile printing, Plastic, PVC, paper surfacing, chalks, coloured pencils.

Pigment Red 101

Pigment Red 101 is a pigment used in paints & dyes.

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Pigment Red 122

Pigment Red 122 is a type of pigment used in dyes.

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Pigment Red 168

Pigment Red 168 is Anthraquinone based solvent dye.

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Pigment White 6

Pigment white 6 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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RHEOLATE CVS-11 is a unique additive to ease the formulation and development of paints that must meet modern high performance demands. RHEOLATE CVS-11 combines superior rheological properties with excellent colour properties and viscosity stability on colorant addition.

Red Direct Dyes

Red Direct Dyes are belonging to the group of non metalized Azo structures/ disazo/ polyazo types, these Red Direct Dyes are described as anionic in nature that require support of electrolyte for exhaustion. These dyes are used in aqueous dye bath comprising of different electrolyte including sodium sulfate or sodium chloride. Suitable kind of treatment is done for improving bleeding characteristics, thus improvising the wet fastness.

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Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic Acid also called as castor oil acid, belongs to a family of the unsaturated fatty acid. It is used in textile finishing, coating, inks and in making soaps.

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