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FC Acid

FC Acid intermediate for Dyestuff Pigments


Indican is a organic compound, naturally occurring in Indigofera plants. It is a precursor of indigo dye.


Juglone is an organic compound. It occurs naturally in the leaves, roots, husks, and bark of plants in the Juglandaceae family, particularly the black walnut, and is toxic or growth-stunting to many types of plants. It is sometimes used as a herbicide, as a dye for cloth and inks, and as a coloring agent for foods and cosmetics.

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Modarez is an wetting agent substrates for systems in aqueous and solvent mediums, that improve the spreading and adhesion of paints and inks, on difficult surfaces such as plastics or certain metals.


Orcinol is a natural phenolic organic compound that occurs in many species of lichens including Rocella tinctoria and Lecanora. It can be formed by fusing extract of aloes with potash. It is used in the production of the dye orcein and as a reagent in some chemical tests for pentoses, such as Bial's Test.

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VALENTO is advanced Universal System designed for decorative and architectural coatings. It is designed for any kind of dispensers, and formulated software with database is provided.


WBPI 16 are broadly used for printing on self-adhesive tapes.

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XPB 545

XPB 545 is a new conductive carbon black pigment for coatings.


Xylenes are clear, flammable liquids with a sweet odor that are found in paints, inks, adhesives and pesticides.It encompasses ortho-, meta-, and para- isomers of dimethyl benzene.Xylenes used as a cleaner or degreaser of metals.It also used in printing, rubber, leather, chemical, plastics, and synthetic fibers.

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