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1-Ethylimidazole is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes, textile auxiliaries, pigments and other organic chemicals. It is also used in polyurethane manufacturing and epoxy resins as a curing agent.

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3-Bromothiophene is used as a solvent and chemical intermediate. Its derivatives are used in manufacturing dyes, aroma compounds and pharmaceuticals.

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5-Amino-o-cresol can be used as hair dye intermediate.It is also used as semi-permanent & permanent hair colors for cosmetics.

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5-Chlorooxindole is used to make selective herbicides. 5-Chlorooxindole and its derivatives are widely used in making perfumes, dyes, agrochemicals and medicines.

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ABHICOFIX P Dyes are Printing Dyes are of major interest for printing of cellulose textiles. ABHICOFIX P Dyes react with cellulosic fibre in the presence of alkali and under the influence of heat. ABHICOFIX P Dyes are very significant economical.ABHICOFIX P Dyes has a  low cost production of a wide range of shades with good all round fastness.


ABHIZOLE VS Dyes containing vinyl sulphonate group as a reactive radical. These dyes are bifunctional reactive dyes which are featuring more than two different reactive groups within one molecule. ABHIZOLE VS Dyes are completely dischargeable, high fixability since more than two radicals are bonded covalently resulting in an increasing dyeing yield and most suitable for one bath pad batch dyeing method using sodium silicate as an alkali. And also suitable for two phase pad bath method using sodium silicate as an alkali in printing.

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