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N-Ethylpiperazine is used in the synthesis of drugs like enfloxacin, dyes, agrochemicals and other chemical compounds.

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NUOSPERSE FN 270 is a universal pigment wetting and dispersion agent for a wide variety of emulsion paints that provides the wetting and dispersion properties of traditional APEO-containing wetting and dispersion agents but with much easier handling and without the disadvantages of labelling.

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Naphthol Green B

Naphthol green B is a green nitroso dye. It is used in histology to stain collagen. Moreover it is used for polychrome stains with animal tissue. For industry purposes naphthol green B is used for staining wool, nylon, paper, anoxidized aluminium and soap.

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Natural Black #1

Natural Black #1 is produced from logwood and is for the dying of silk to be used in medical sutures. Natural Black #1 requires a mordant to develop the color and to fix the organic dye.

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O-Amino P-Cresol

O-Amino P-Cresol is used in pharmaceutical , global medical industries and in green dyes

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Pigment Black 11

Pigment Black 11 is a pigment used in paints, coatings, concrete products, plastic, rubber etc.

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Pigment Black 28

Pigment Black 28 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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Pigment Brown 24

Pigment brown 24 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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Pigment Green 17

Pigment Green 17 is a pigment used in paints & dyes.

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