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Methylhydroquinone is used as a stabilizer for unsaturated polyesters and as an antioxidant for fatty esters, linseed oil, and other nonfood fats and oils. It is used as a stabilizer to inhibit peroxide formation in ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons and ethyl cellulose. It is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other stabilizers, dyes, pharmaceuticals and plasticizers.

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Micro GRAPH – MG

Micro GRAPH–MG are solvent based screen printing inks, having high gloss, faster drying properties with low odour. This series has bright and vibrant shades with good screen stability. They are suitable for decorative jobs like posters, labels, folders, display articles, stationeries, cards and packaging.

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Micro PLAST – GL

Micro PLAST–GL are solvent based screen printing inks, specially formulated on synthetic resin which has high gloss and faster drying properties. They have excellent print performance with print sharpness, brilliant shades and maximum opacity. Commonly used for outdoor display advertising panels, internally illuminated signs, window graphics, self adhesive stickers and labels.

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Micro PLAST – MT

Micro PLAST–MT are solvent based screen printing inks, having matt finish with mild odour. They have excellent print performance with print sharpness. Micro PLAST–MT range contains bright opaque shades with excellent screen stability. Suitable for labels, self adhesive stickers, window graphics and display panels.

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Microcheck MZ BT20

Microcheck MZ BT20 is serves as an adhesive,and as preservative in starch and natural gum,aqueous inks. It is specilized microbiocides for leather treatment and leather chemicals.

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Natural Yellow #11

Natural Yellow #11 is used for dying many natural fibers, and is commonly used for dying leather.

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Ortho Amino Phenol

2-Aminophenol is used as an intermediate for azo and sulphur dyes, rubber antioxidant, photo developer.

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Ortho Anisaldehyde

ortho-Anisaldehyde is used in the creation and manufacturing of flavor and fragrance agents. It is also used as an dye intermediate.

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Para Nitro Aniline

4-Nitroaniline can be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals and gasoline, in gum inhibitors, poultry medicines, and as a corrosion inhibitor. It is a starting material for the synthesis of Para Red.

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