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Ortho Anisaldehyde

ortho-Anisaldehyde is used in the creation and manufacturing of flavor and fragrance agents. It is also used as an dye intermediate.

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Para Nitro Aniline

4-Nitroaniline can be used as an intermediate in the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals and gasoline, in gum inhibitors, poultry medicines, and as a corrosion inhibitor. It is a starting material for the synthesis of Para Red.

Para Nitro Toluene

Para Nitro Toluene is used for production of toluidine, fuchsin, and various synthetic dyes, bulk drug intermediate, dye intermediates, optical whitener, intermediate for explosives.

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Pigment Yellow 101

Pigment Yellow 101 is a pigment used in dyes, textiles & paints.

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Pigment Yellow 151

Pigment Yellow 151 is a pigment used in dyes, paints & textiles.

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Pigment Yellow 168

Pigment yellow 168 is a pigment used in paints, dyes & textile applications.

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Pigment Yellow 180

Pigment Yelloow 180 is a pigment used in dyes & paints.

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Pigment Yellow 181

Pigment Yellow 181 is a pigment used in paints and dyes.

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Pigment Yellow 191

Pigment Yellow 191 is a pigment used in paints & dyes.

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Polyman – 4010Na

Polyman – 4010Na is a sodium salt of acrylic homo-polymer (sodium polyacrylate) used for various water treatment applications and industrial applications. The product is working excellently over wide range of pH and temperature as well as high hardness of water without precipitation. Apart from thermal stability, the product has good stability over oxidizing agent like chlorine. The product is non-phosphorus; non-foaming dispersant and has good environmental acceptability.

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