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N-cyclohxyl-2-pyrrolidone is a almost odorless and colorless to yellow liquid. It can be used as dye carrier for agamid fabrics, in electronics and fragrance applications.

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N-Ethyl-N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1,4-Phenylenediamine Sulfate

N-Ethyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1,4-phenylenediamine sulfate is used as hair dye intermediate. It is also used in semi-permanent & permanent hair colors for cosmetic.

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N-Ethylpiperazine is used in the synthesis of drugs like enfloxacin, dyes, agrochemicals and other chemical compounds.

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N-Methyl Pyrrolidone

N-Methyl Pyrrolidone is a chemical compound with 5-membered lactam structure. It is a clear to slightly yellow liquid miscible with water and solvents like ethyl acetate, chloroform, benzene and lower alcohols or ketones. It also belongs to the class of dipolar aprotic solvents which includes also dimethylformamide, dimethylacetamide and dimethyl sulfoxide.Its derivatives are used as intermediates for the synthesis of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries, plasticizers, stabilizers and specialty inks.

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N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine is used as an antioxidant in various rubbers and lubrication oils. It is also used as an itermediate for vulcanization accelerators, dyes and other organic chemicals.

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N-Phenyldiethanolamine, a derivative from aniline is used as an intermediate for dyes and other organic compounds.

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N-Vinylpyrrolidone Technical 95%min

Chemical description:

--N-vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone(abbr. NVP)


--A colorless to slightly yellowish transparent liquid;

--Soluble in water and a variety of organic solvents;

--Reactive and susceptible to hydrolyzation and polymerization.


--An important monomer for varieties of homopolymers, copolymers, cross-linked Polymer;

--A reactive diluent in UV curable coatings for plastics, wood, metal, inks, Electronics, Adhensives etc.

Packaging and storage:

--Packaged in 200kg net galvanized iron drum;

--Stored away from sunlight and high temperature.


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