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5-Nitro-o-anisidine is used as a dye, pigment and organic synthesis intermediates.


5-Nitroacenaphthene is intermediates of high dye acid Yellow FF and disperse Yellow which is also used as a photoresist sensitizer.

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Acenaphthenequinone is a quinone derived from acenaphthene. It is used as an intermediate for the manufacturing of dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. It is also used in chemical research as a drug and therapeutic agent.

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Adirect Direct Dyes

Adirect Direct Dyes is a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath at or near boiling point. They give bright shades but exhibit poor washfastness. Various aftertreatments are used to improve the washfastness of direct dyes, The dyeing process with direct dyes is very simple, Adirect do not contain carcinogenic amines.

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