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1,3-Dihydroxybenzene is the 1,3-isomer of benzenediol. Used externally it is an antiseptic and disinfectant, and is used 5 to 10% in ointments in the treatment of chronic skin diseases. It is also used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. It is used in the production of diazo dyes and plasticizers and as a UV absorber in resins.

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1,4-Dihydroxybenzene is an aromatic organic compound which is a type of phenol. It can be considered a simple polyphenol. Substituted derivatives of this parent compound are also referred to as hydroquinones. It has a variety of uses principally associated with its action as a reducing agent which is soluble in water. It is a major component in most photographic developers where, with the compound Metol, it reduces silver halides to elemental silver. The disodium diphenolate salt of hydroquinone is used as an alternating comonomer unit in the production of the polymer PEEK. In human medicine, hydroquinone is used as a topical application in skin whitening to reduce the color of skin as it does not have the same predisposition to cause dermatitis as metol does. It is also used as a raw material of herbicides, rubber antioxidants and dye stuffs.

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1,4-Dimethoxybenzene is the para form of dimethoxybenzene, a volatile aromatic ether with a sweet floral odor. It occurs naturally in willow and Zuchini. It appears to attract bees as it has a powerful response in their antenna. It is useful as an intermediate in synthesis of pharmaceuticals as well as other organic molecules. It is used in some paints and as a diazo dye. Cosmetically it is used on greasy skin, and with sulfur to treat acne, or as a dandruff treatment. Because of its floral odor, it is useful in perfumes and flavors. It can be used as a developer in black and white film, and as a base in synthesizing catecholamines and phenethylamines.

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2,5-Dimethoxyaniline is used as an intermediate for dyes, pigments and pharmaceuticals.

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2-Acetylbenzoic Acid

2-Acetylbenzoic acid is a yellow coloured solid .It is a common component of hair dyes.

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2-Aminoanthraquinone occurs as orange-brown-to-red needles with a melting point of 303C. It is insoluble in water and diethyl ether; slightly soluble in alcohol; and soluble in acetone, benzene, and chloroform.2-Aminoanthraquinone is used as an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of anthraquinone dyes. It is the precursor of five dyes and one pigment.2-Aminoanthraquinone was used in fabrication of high performance electrode of supercapacitor based on chemically modified graphene hydrogel.

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The 3-Chloro-p-toluidine is used in the manufacture of organic pigment intermediates, organic synthesis intermediates, herbicides and pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

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3-Diethylaminophenol is mainly used to make rhodamine B extra, heat sensitive and pressure sensitive dyes, cationic and disperse dyes.

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4-Aminodiphenylamine is used in the manufacture of aniline type dyes. Used as an antioxidant in certain fuels and as a component in lubricant additives.

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4-Chlorobenzaldehyde can be used in the manufacture sedative Chlormethazanone, dyes such as Acid Brilliant Blue 6B. And it can also be used as medicine, dyes intermediates, used in the manufacture Chlormethazanone, dapsone, GABA etc.

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