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Acetoacet-O-Anisidide is used as intermediates for dyestuff and organic pigments as well as for synthesizing yellow and light-resistant dyes and direct light yellow 5G.

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Acetoacet-P-Anisidide is used in pigments intermediates, and mainly used to produce Pigment Yellow 126, 169 and 170.

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Aniline Hydrochloride

Anilinium chloride is an aromatic ammonium salt. It can be prepared by the reaction of aniline with hydrochloric acid. Anilinium chloride is used to make dyes and printing ink.

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Cobalt Phthalocyanine

Cobalt Phthalocyanine is manufactured by standard Ureaphthalic melt process using high boiling solvent and Cobalt Sulphate. As a pigment, for the preparation of VAT dyes and Phthalogen dyes, Oxidation Catalysts etc.

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