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Strontium Oxide Technical 98.5%

Strontium Oxide is a kind of light metal with very active chemistry property, chiefly used as one of aluminium alloys, and widely utilized in electronics, and in metallurgical, and battery industry.

Commodity: Strontium Oxide

         Specification: SrO: 98.5% min., CaO:0.20%max, BaO:0.30%max, MgO:0.01%max, Fe2O3:0.01%max, Others:0.10%max.

         Size: 5-80 mesh

         CLASS:8     UN NO:3262     PACKING GROUP: I

         Packing: Net weight 50kg in plastic bag sealed with argon gas, then into steel drum, 18 drums on each pallet.

        Payment term: By 30% T/T in advance, balance 70% T/T against the copy of shipping documents.

magnesium sulphate heptahydrate

MgSO4 7H2O the appearance is white crystals, assay min is 99.5%, MgSO4 min 48.59%, MgO min is 16.2%, Mg min is 9.8%, PH(5% solution) is 5.0~9.2, Iron max 0.0008%, Chloride max is 0.014%, Heavy metal(as Pb) max is 0.0006, Arsenic max is 0.0002%

Potassium Perchlorate 99.2% Min

Potassium Perchlorate 99.2%Min.

- Product Identification
CAS No. : 7778-74-7
EINECS No. : 231-912-9
H.S. Code : 2829.900090
Formula : KClO4
Molecular Weight : 138.54
Synonyms : Perchloric acid, Potassium Salt; Potassium Hyperchlorate
Raw Materials : Sodium Chlorate

- Physical And Chemical Properties
Physical State : White crystalline solid
Melting Point : 400 oC (Decomposes)
Specific Gravity : 2.52
Solubility In Water : Soluble (Insoluble in alcohol)
NFPA Ratings : Health: 2 Flammability: 0 Reactivity: 1 Other: Oxidizer
Stability : Stable under ordinary conditions. Hygroscopic.

- Applications
Used in the pyrotechnics to give a bright light for illumination. It is a powerful oxidizing agent. also used to manufacture explosives and matches because of its ability to produce oxygen. Perchlorate is a powerful ingredient of bleaching powder used in paper and pulp processing and calico printing.

- Specification
Testing Items Quality Standard (HG3247-2000) / Reference Testing Results
Description : White crystalline solid / Conforms
Purity -KClO4 : 99.2% Min / 99.21%
Water : 0.02% Max / 0.032%
Chlorate : 0.08% Max / 0.027%
Chloride : 0.05% Max / 0.071%
PH Value : 5-7 / 6-7
Bromate, as BrO3 : 0.03%Max / 0.002%
Fe : 0.005% / < 0.005%
Granularity (150 um) : 99.5%Min / Conforms

- Transportation
Packing : In 25kgs net PP woven bags or 50Kgs Iron Drums.
Hazard Class : 5.1 (Packing Group: II)
Un No. : 1489
Other Information : Hazard Symbols: XN O, Risk Phrases: 9-20/22, Safety Phrases:13-22-27

- Other Trade Information
Min. Order Quantity : 10Mts
Supply Capacity : 8000Mts / Year
Loading Capacity : 27mts/1080bags (1x20'FCL)
Port of Loading : Huangpu Port, China
Fresh Stocks : Yes
Ref. Price : USD1330.- ~ USD1495.-/MT FOB Huangpu, China
Shipment Time : Within 2-3 weeks upon receipt of advance payment or L/C .
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C ( Sight / 90days ), D/P, Western Union
Origin : Hunan, Sichuan Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian
Sample Availability : Yes
Main Export Markets : India, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina

Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate

<body><p><b><font size="4" face="Arial Black">Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate 98%Min.</font></b><font face="Century Gothic" size="2"><br><br><b>- Product Identification</b><br>CAS No. : 7791-07-3<br>EINECS No. : 231-511-9<br>H.S. Code : 2829.900090<br>Formula : NaClO4.H2O<br>Molecular Weight : 140.46<br>Synonyms : Perchloric Acid, Sodium Salt, Monohydrate<br><br><b>- Physical And Chemical Properties</b><br>Physical State : White crystalline solid<br>Melting Point : 130°C (266°F)<br>Specific Gravity : 2.02<br>Solubility : Easily soluble in hot water. Soluble in cold water. <br>Stability : Stable under ordinary conditions. Hygroscopic.<br>Explosive in contact with concentrated sulfuric acid.<br><br><b>- Applications</b><br>Mainly used in the production of perchloric acid and other perchlorates, also used in analytical reagent, explosives, gumpowder, fireworks, production of ammonium perchlorate.<br><br><b>- Specification</b><br>Testing Items / Quality Standard (GB/T23850-2009 ) / Reference Testing Results<br>Purity, as NaClO4.H2O : 98.0% Min / 98.6%<br>Water-Insoluble Matter : 0.03%Max / 0.028%<br>Chloride, as NaCl : 0.05% Max / 0.047%<br>Chlorate, as NaClO3 : 0.15% Max / 0.083%<br>Sulphate, as NaSO4 : 0.03% Max / 0.024%<br>Fe, as Fe2O3 : 0.003% Max / 0.0025%<br>Water, as H2O : 13.7% Max / 13.7%<br><br><b>- Transportation</b><br>Storage : Avoid fire and moisture, no mixed with organic matter.<br>Packing : In 25kgs net p.p. woven bags ( with 2-Ply PE liner )<br>Hazard Class : 5.1<br>UN No. : 1502<br><br><b>- Other Trade Information</b><br>Min. Order Quantity : 10 MTS<br>Supply Capacity : 5,000mts /Year<br>Loading Capacity : 25Mts/1000Bags (1x20'FCL)<br>Port of Loading : Huangpu, China<br>Fresh Stocks : Yes<br>Ref. Price : USD910.- ~ USD930.- /MT FOB Huangpu, China<br>Shipment Time : Within 2-3 weeks upon receipt of advance payment or L/C .<br>Payment Terms : T/T, L/C ( Sight / 90days ), D/P, Western Union<br>Origin : Hunan, Hebei, Dalian<br>Sample Availability : Yes<br>Main Export Markets : India, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Montenegro, Iran, Argentina<br><br> </font></p></body>

Caustic soda flakes Technical 99%

1, Purity: 99.%

2, Pakage: 25kg bags

Caustic soda pearls Technical 99%

1, Purity: 99%

2, Pakage: 25/1200 kg bags

potassium carbonate FOOD GRADE 99%


Molecular formula :K2CO3
Molecular weight :138.20
Density :2.29
Melting point :891℃
Characteristics :white powder or granule.easily deliquesced in the air .easily soluble in water,presenting alkaline solution ,not dissolved in ethanol and ether.
CAS NO.:[584-08-7]

Analytical Standard: GB 25588-2010 .
Applications: Mainly used in food leavening agent,preservative ,dehydrating agent, ph value regulator and so on .
Packing: 25kg/50kg net per PP woven bag with inner food-grade
polyethylene film bag.
Storage: Stored in a cool ,dry,well-ventilated warehouse, notice moistureproof during transportation.

Sulfur Monochloride Technical <99%

We are the manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of Sulphur Monochloride (SMCL) and also Sulphur Dichloride .

Company manufactures above chemicals based on Chlorine & Sulphur. These Chemicals are hazardous chemical, so adequate care is taken in maintaining total environmental safety control while manufacturing the same.

Contract / Custom Manufacturing:
As a group of companies , we are always looking forward to contract manufacturing of those chemicals which are based on Sulphur Mono chloride and Sulphur Di Chloride.

Interested Indian and International manufacturers based on above products namely SMCL and SDCL  which are required as intermediates for:
 * Pesticides,
 * Rubber Chemicals,
 * Lube Oil Additives,
 * Pharmaceutical intermediates,
 * Dyes & Dyes Intermediates, etc.
 as well as companies looking for the third party custom manufacturing of   SMCL and SDCL are encouraged to contact us at our corporate office at Mumbai, INDIA .

Strontium carbonate Technical 99.50

Strontium carbonate

Name:Strontium carbonate

Other name:

HS  Code:28369200

UN No.: 1564


Formula WT:147.63

Usage: Mainly used in the production of other strontium salts and used as magnetic materials, used in electronic ceramics, fluorescent materials, luminescent materials and fluorescent glass, basic materials for the production of special PTC thermistor elements. We also produce special specifications for customers with special requirements.                     

Annual output: 5,000 tons

Package: 25kg, powdery package should be plastic bag inside & woven bag outside.Any special package should be agreed by both sides.




Main content(on SrCO basis)















Fe content





Total acid(on SO4 basis)

















aluminium hydroxide Technical 99.6%

Aluminium hydroxide 
Aluminium hydroxide is a white crystalline product.  It is also known as hydrated alumina, aluminium hydrate or alumina tri-hydrate (ATH).  It is typically used as a raw material for the production of other alumina based chemicals such as calcined alumina, aluminium sulfate, poly aluminium chloride (PAC), aluminium fluoride and synthetic zeolite.  Its chemical formula is Al2O3•3H2O or Al(OH)3.

·      A raw material in the production of Aluminium chemical
A raw material in the manufacture of glass and glazes

·      A raw material in catalyst production

·        A flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler in plastics
(for example: Cables,   rubber products and carpet backing)

·         A raw material for fertilizers, and fiber cement board products

·         An extender and bodying agent in paper, solvent- and water-borne paints, 
UV curable coatings, inks, and adhesives

·         A polishing and cleansing agent

·         Mould wash and separating agent

·         A filler of cast polymer products such as onyx and solid surfaces














Oil absorption










Loss on ignition


(+ 45 lum)



Bulk density

Specific conductivity











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