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Pigments Zl-318 Grade Iron Oxide Green Technical 99

1). Bright-colored exquisite powder. 
2). Good weatherability. 
3). Strong tinting power
iron oxide pigment
Product Description
1). Bright-colored exquisite powder.
2). Good weatherability (Lightfastness, heat-resistant and alkali resistant)
3). Strong tinting power, excellent coverage and fine dispersion.
4). We can supply iron oxide with different color, specifications and packing
5). Only dissolved in heat strong acid
2. Product detailed Specification

AbsorptionRes. On
325 meshWater
SOL. saltsMoisturePHTinting
StrengthIron Oxide RedY10196 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10210596 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10211096 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10212096 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10213096 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10219096 min15-250.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-102Iron Oxide Yellow31186 min25-350.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10231286 min25-350.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10231386 min25-350.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-10292086 min25-350.3 max0.3 max1.0 max3-798-102Iron Oxide Black33092 min15-250.4 max0.5 max1.0 max5-898-10275093 min15-250.4 max0.5 max1.0 max5-898-102Iron Oxide Blue886 25-350.5 max2.5 max1.0 max6.0 min98-102

3. Product Application
concrete, roofing tile, paver, stucco, masonary, paint, coating, rubber, plastic, paper and leather industries etc.
 4. Product Packing:
25 kg/ craft paper bag,    22MT/20FCL     (Iron Oxide Red);
25 kg/ craft paper bag,   13 MT/ 20'FCL   (Iron Oxide Yellow);
 25 kg/ craft paper bag,16MT/ 20'FCL (Iron Oxide Orange);
 25 kg/ craft paper bag,18MT/20'FCL(Iron Oxide Green/Blue)
iron oxide pigment

Precipitated Barium Sulphate Technical 98%

Product Name: Precipitated Barium Sulphate.

CAS No.: 7727-43-7.

Molecular Formula: BaSO4.

Molecular Weight:233.4

EINECS NO.:231-784-4


Properties: Non qualitative white powder. Non toxic, not soluble in water, soluble in smoking Sulphuric Acid, slightly soluble in boiling Hydrochloric Acid. Chemical property is stable, it’ll reduce to Barium Sulfide when heat with carbon. It won’t change color when meeting with hydrogen sulfide or toxic gas in the air.

Applications: Can be used as filler for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic, insulating tape, surface paint agent for photo paper and copper plate. Sizing agent for textile. It also can be used in pigment, porcelain, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and flavor etc

Specifications: GB/T 2899-2008




Barium sulfate precipitated

Barium sulfate content ≥


Volatile at 105?% ≤


Fe% ≤


PH Value (100g/L)


Oil absorption g/100g


Whiteness ≥


Water soluble matters % ≤


Fineness(45um sieve reside)% ≤


Moisture ≤


Packing Details: 25kg/bag, plastic woven bag lined with PE line, 25MT/20’FCL without pallets.

Storage: Should be guarded against dampness ,tear and pollution ,and keep away from coloured goods for storage.


Titanium Dioxide Technical 99

This product has good pigment properties, excellent resistance, high level of whiteness, tint reducing powder and low oil absorption and it is easy to disperse. Without the extra chemical treatments on the surface of the particles, this product consists of the highest photocatalytic potential for engineering applications.

Multi-purpose Titanium Dioxide designed for variety range of applications. This product is suit for interior and exterior gloss and semi-gloss systems.

Tri Styrenated Phenol Purified 99

MALLAK TSP-15 is especially for solvent-free and high solid applications, such as industrial protective paints, construction epoxy paints, marine paints, floorings. Kumanox 3111 (MSP-3) provides enhanced performances in water and moisture resistance, uv-resistance, adhesion, drying time, flexibility, abrasion resistance, hardness, self-leveling.

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue consisting of sodium aluminosilicate with three sulphur atoms in a form of sulfide or sulfate. It is prepared by heating kaolin, sodium carbonate, sulfur and other inexpensive modifier ingredients. It is used as a colorant and optical whitening agent for plastics, rubber, inks, paints, cosmetics, detergents, cement, textile and paper.

Properties Suppliers
cadmium carbonate LAB GRADE 99.5%

We offer pure and effective cadmium carbonate which is formulated using qualitative raw material and with appropriate synthesis in our technologically advanced laboratory. Following are the specification of cadmium carbonate (cdco3)-Metal contents 65%, oxygen 35%. It used for manufacturing polyester, glass pigment flux, organic catalysts, plastic plasticizer, stabilizer and raw material for production of cadmium salt.

cadmium sulfide LAB GRADE 99.5%

We are one of the prominent manufacturers of Cadmium Sulphide. This chemical compound is yellow in color and is a semiconductor, by conductivity. In the glass industry, this chemical is used for the coloring of glass products. Technical specification- 99% sulfide, 77.57% metal contents, 22.12% sulfer. colours ranging from deep red to yellow are formed.
Cadmium pigments are stable inorganic colouring agents which can be produced in a range of brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red and maroon. Their greatest use is in plastics but they also have significant application in ceramics, glasses and specialist paints.
Cadmium yellow is the yellow pigment preferably used in enamel, ceramics, glass industry. is also widely used in plastics, masterbatch, ceramic, paint, paper, rubber, leather, art paint, art gravure ink, colored sand and gravel construction materials, electronic materials industries.

copper oxide LAB GRADE 99.5%

We manufacture high purity copper oxide (CuO) powder. Our copper oxide is offered in cupric oxide black (powder form). Technical specification- metal contents 80%, oxygen 20%. It is used as a pigment in ceramics to produce blue, red, and green, and sometimes gray, pink, or black glazes. It is also used as a dietary supplement in animals. It is also used when welding with copper alloys.

copper carbonate LAB GRADE 99.5%

Range of copper carbonate is a blue green compound. This forms a part of the verdigris patina that is found on weathered brass, bronze and copper. Its major uses are manufacturing of other copper salts, as paint and varnish pigment, in pyrotechnics, as a seed treatment fungicide, in animal and poultry, in manufacture of copper catalyst. Use for artist's colors. It has also been used in some types of make-up, like lipstick, although it can also be poisonous to humans. It also has been used for many years as an effective algaecide in farm ponds and in aquaculture operations. Ceramic Glaze, colouring brass black, Fireworks, Desulfurizer of raw oil, Wood preservative, Copper Carbonate is used to produce a blue color in flames .Formula: Cu (OH) 2, CuCO3, 2 H2O.

fumed silica

Characteristics It is a white and colloidal micro-particle with its primary micro-particle from 5-40nm and has obvious properties such as thixotropy, reinforcing, thickening and filling etc. and is insoluble in all kinds of solvents and liquids except hydrofluoric acid and concentrated bases. Control the liquid system, Adhesive, Polymer?s rheology and thixotropy. As additive agent used to prevent subside,thickening and prevent sagging. Reinforce HRC high temperature sulfuration silicon rubber and RTV-2K room temperature sulfuration silicon rubber. Application F-150: It is mainly used for acidic silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber (low moisture content) and neutral silicone rubber F-200: It is mainly used for high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, organic silicone defoamer, advance printing ink, powder coating, PVC resin, unsaturated polyester resin thickening, thixotropic agent, pharmaceutical powder, tabular preparation, cosmetics etc. F-380: It is mainly used for silicone rubber, silicone grease and sealing materials of capacitance packaging with high transparency and high tear resistance.

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