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Naphthalene, also known as naphthalin .It is a crystalline, aromatic, white, solid hydrocarbon. It is best known as the traditional, primary ingredient of mothballs.It is volatile, forming a flammable vapor.

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Prallethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.

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Scud 40 ULV

Scud 40 ULV is used for the control of certain insect pests in cotton, field peas, lupins, sunflowers, sweetcorn, maize, pulses, oilseed crops and sorghum.

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Sulfluramid is a new kind of organo-fluorine pesticide and has good effects. It is mainly used to prevent ant, cockroach and other reptile insects.

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Thiacloprid is an insecticide of the neonicotinoid class. Its mechanism of action involves disruption of the insect's nervous system by inhibiting nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It was developed by Bayer CropScience for use on agricultural crops to control of a variety of sucking and chewing insects, primarily aphids and whiteflies.

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Trichlorfon is a moderately toxic organophosphate insecticide which is registered as a General Use Pesticide. Trichlorfon is produced and used in dust, emulsifiable concentrate, granular, fly bait, and soluble powder formulations and the concentration of trichlorfon in the product ranges from around 40-98%. It is also used for treating domestic animals for control of internal parasites. Trichlorfon is a selective insecticide, meaning that it kills selected insects, but spares many or most other organisms. Trichlorfon is toxic to target insects through direct applications and by ingestion. It acts by interfering with an essential nervous system enzyme, cholinesterase.

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Fluometuron is a selective herbicide that acts on susceptible plants by inhibiting photosynthesis. Fluometuron is registered by the EPA exclusively for use on cotton and sugarcane.

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suSCon Blue

suSCon Blue is used to control cane grubs for up to three years using sustained control technology.

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suSCon Maxi

suSCon Maxi provides protection against greyback cane grub damage in sugarcane for 2 years using sustained control technology.

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suSCon Plus

suSCon Plus is used to control canegrubs in sugarcane for up to 3 years using sustained control technology.

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