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CYPESECT CAPS is formulated as a microencapsulated concentrate (CS). CYPESECT CAPS application areas are schools, hospitals, cinemas, theatres, camping-sites, hotels, residences, houses, industries.

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Carbamic Acid

Carbamic acid is an intermediate in the production of urea, which involves the reaction of carbon dioxide and ammonia. They are generally unstable, reverting to the parent amine and carbon dioxide. The deprotonated anion (or conjugate base) of this functional group is a carbamate. Carbamic acid is a planar molecule.


Diafenthiuron is a chemical compound from the group of thioureas. Diafenthiuron is a pro-insecticide, which has first to be converted to its active form.

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Diflubenzuron is an insecticide of the benzamide class. It is used in forest management and on field crops to selectively control insect pests, particularly forest tent caterpillar moths, boll weevils, gypsy moths, and other types of moths. The mechanism of action of diflubenzuron involves inhibiting the production of chitin which is used by an insect to build its exoskeleton.

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Endosulfan-II is used as an insecticide.

Endrin ketone

Endrin ketone is used as an insecticide.


Esfenvalerate is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used on a wide range of pests such as moths, flied, beetles, and other insects.

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Fenpropathrin is used as an acaricide and insecticide.

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Flubendiamide belongs to a chemical family of benzenedicarboxamides or phthalic acid diamides with insecticidal activity through the activation of the ryanodine-sensitive intracellular calcium release channels, leading to the cessation of feeding immediately after ingestion of the compound .Flubendiamide exerts a reliable action against a broad spectrum of pests with low acute mammalian toxicity, no genotoxic, mutagenic, or oncogenic properties.

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Flucythrinate is a synthetic pyrethroid used to control insect pests in apples, cabbage, field corn, head lettuce, and pears and to control Heliothis spp. in cotton, which is its primary use.

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