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Meperfluthrin permethrin, pyrethroid compound, slightly toxic, mosquitoes, flies and other pests have killed activity, it is often added as a mosquito mosquito active substance, but also on the human body has some damage. Meperfluthrin is a Inhalation and tag type insecticides on mosquito fly with excellent knockdown or kill effect General Mosquito in its content but slightly toxic.

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Monocrotophos is an organophosphate insecticide. It is acutely toxic to birds and humans, and for that reason has been banned in the U.S. and many other countries.

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Oxydisulfoton is used as an agricultural insecticide.

Picramic acid

Picramic Acid is a toxic, explosive, highly oxidative dark red crystalline solid with bitter taste.It can be used in pyrotechnics and rocket fuel.Picramic acid and its salts are used to make dyes (acid, chrome), insecticides.

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Secure 360 SC

Secure 360 SC is used for the control of diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) and cabbage white butterfly (pieris rapae) in brassica vegetables and twospotted mite (Tetranychus urticae) in apples, peaches and pears.

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Transfluthrin is a fast-acting pyrethroid insecticide with low persistency. It can be used in the indoor environment against flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. It is a relatively volatile substance and acts as a contact and inhalation agent.

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Trichloronate is used as an non-systemic insecticide.

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m-Toluic Acid

m-Toluic acid is an aromatic carboxylic acid. It is used as a raw material of DEET which is used as a a broad-spectrum insect repellent and film formers. It is also used in manufacturing polymer stabilizers, pesticides, light sensitive compounds and other organic chemicals.

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suSCon Ribbon

suSCon Ribbon is used to control scab moth, rust thrips, russet mite and sugarcane bud moth in bananas using sustained control technology.

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