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Mavrik Aquaflo

Mavrik Aquaflo is for use in ornamentals and certain fruit and vegetables.

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Senator 200 SC

Senator 200 SC is used for the control of various insect pests of cotton, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

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Senator 350 SC

Senator 350 SC is used for the control of greyback and Childers canegrub in sugarcane and silverleaf whitefly in various vegetable crops.

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Sodium Cyanate

Sodium Cyanate is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of insecticides,herbicides, dyestuffs, pharmaceutical, heat treatment salts for metals and photographic initiators.

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Talstar 100 EC

Talstar 100 EC is used for the control of armoured scales and leafrollers pre-blossom in kiwifruit; diamond back moth and white butterfly in vegetable brassicas; caterpillars, tomato fruitworm and aphids in tomatoes; and aphids pre-blossom in buttercup squash and pumpkins.

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Talstar 250 EC

Talstar 250EC is a higher strength formulation of the synthetic pyrethroid bifenthrin. It has contact and residual activity and controls a range of insect pests and mites in a number of fruit, vegetable and broadacre crops. It can be used as a protective treatment when appliced ar regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests.

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Sec-Butylamine is used as an intermediate to manufacture insecticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitors and dyes.

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AGRO-MALON 57EC is an organophosphorus insecticide with contact, ingestion and respiratory action effective against a wide range of sucking and chewing pest on a range of crops including cereals.citrus, cotton, and fruit trees.

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AGRO-ZINON 60EC is an organophorous insecticide and miticide to control a wide range of sucking, chewing insects and mites on a range of crops, including deciduous fruit tress, vegetables, potatoes, sugar cane, maize etc.

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Azinphos-methyl is a broad spectrum organophosphate insecticide. Azinphos-methyl is an organophosphate (OP) insecticide registered for use on selected fruit and nut crops. In 1994 azinphos-methyl was nominated for review as part of the Existing Chemicals Review Program (ECRP). Azinphos-methyl is also an acaricide, toxic to mites and ticks, and a molluscicide, poisonous to snails and slugs. It is one of a group of organic compounds called organophosphates because of the presence of phosphorous in their molecular structures. Azinphos-methyl is a nonsystemic material, meaning that it is not transported from one plant part to another. It is used primarily as a foliar application against leaf-feeding insects. Azinphos-methyl works as both a contact insecticide and a stomach poison. Azinphos methyl is one of the most toxic of the organophosphate insecticides. It is highly toxic by inhalation, dermal absorption, ingestion, and eye contact.

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