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Picramic acid

Picramic Acid is a toxic, explosive, highly oxidative dark red crystalline solid with bitter taste.It can be used in pyrotechnics and rocket fuel.Picramic acid and its salts are used to make dyes (acid, chrome), insecticides.

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Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper and long pepper, along with chavicine. It has also been used in some forms of traditional medicine and as an insecticide. The alkaloid was synthesised by the action of piperoyl chloride on piperidine.

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Polygodial is a drimane-type sesquiterpene dialdehyde. It elicits a warm and pungent flavour. The biological activity of polygodial has been reported in the scientific literature to include antifungal and antimicrobial activities, antihyperalgesia, potent attachment-inhibitory activity, insect antifeedant activity, antinociception vasorelaxation action in vessels of rabbit and guinea pig, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activities. Polygodial’s primary antifungal action is as a nonionic surfactant, disrupting the lipid-protein interface of integral proteins nonspecifically, denaturing their functional conformation. It is also likely that polygodial permeates by passive diffusion across the plasma membrane, and once inside the cells may react with a variety of intracellular compounds. It is also used as an insecticide for its antifeedant property, which causes insects to starve.

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Prallethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.

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Proclaim is used for the control of Diamondback Moth (Cabbage Moth) and Cabbage White Butterfly in Brassica vegetables and Lightbrown Apple Moth and Grapevine Moth in Grapes.

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Propetamphos is an organophosphate insecticede designed to control cock-roaches, flies, ants, ticks, moths, fleas, and mosquitoes in households and where vector eradication is necessary to protect public health.

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Propoxur is a carbamate insecticide and was introduced in 1959. It is a non-systemic insecticide with a fast knockdown and long residual effect used against turf, forestry, and household pests and fleas. It is also used in pest control for other domestic animals, anopheles mosquitoes, ants, gypsy moths, and other agricultural pests. It can also be used as a molluscicide.

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Prothiofos is used as an insecticide.

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Pyriprole is an insecticide used for topical treatment of fleas and ticks on domestic animals.

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Colorless crystals. Corrosive to copper, brass, iron, and tin plate. Used as an insecticide.

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