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Tata Mida 70 WS

Tata Mida 70 WS is a novel insecticide belonging to new generation NEONICOTINOID group of chemicals. It is an excellent insecticide for control of sucking pests in Cotton, Okra and Chilli.

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o-Nitro Toluene

O-Nitro Toluene is used in the synthesis of intermediates for azo dyes, sulfur dyes, rubber chemicals and agricultural chemicals.

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p-Chloroaniline is a organochlorine compound. It is a precursor to the widely used antimicrobial and bacteriocide Chlorhexidine. p-Chloroaniline is prepared by hydrogenation of 4-nitrochlorobenzene, which in turn is prepared by nitration of chlorobenzene. p-Chloroaniline is an important building block used in the chemical industry for the production of pesticides, drugs, and dyestuffs. It is a precursor to the widely used antimicrobial and bacteriocide chlorhexidine and is used in the manufacture of pesticides, including pyraclostrobin, anilofos, monolinuron and chlorphthalim.

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2-Chloropyridine is an organohalide. It is primarily used to generate fungicides and insecticides in industry. It also serves to generate antihistamines and antiarythymics for pharmaceutical purposes.

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AGRO-THOATE 40EC is a systemic organophosphorus insecticide with contact and ingestion action.

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Alanyl-glutamine is a stabilized dipeptide form of L-glutamine which does not degrade in liquid media during storage or incubation. It serves as nutrition supplementation and insecticide.

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Alpha-Scud Elite

Alpha-Scud Elite is used for the control of certain insect pests, including redlegged earth mite and blue oat mite on certain field crops and pastures and certain insect pests on fruit and vegetable crops.

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Benzene Chloride

Benzene chloride is an aromatic organic compound. This colorless, flammable liquid is a common solvent and a widely used intermediate in the manufacture of other chemicals. The major use of chlorobenzene is as an intermediate in the production of commodities such as herbicides, dyestuffs, and rubber. Chlorobenzene is also used as a high-boiling solvent in many industrial applications as well as in the laboratory.

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Chlorpyrifos 300

Chlorpyrifos 300 is used for control of Helicoverpa spp., mites, aphids and other insect pests of cotton.

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Curacron 500 Pro

Curacron 500 Pro is used for the control of Heliothis, mites and cotton aphids in cotton.

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