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trans-1,3-Dichloropropene is used as an insecticide and fumigant.

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Cypermethric Acid Chloride

Cypermethric Acid Chloride is mainly used for the manufacture of Cypermethrin, Permethrin, Beta Cypermethrin, Alpha Cypermethrin and some other products.

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imidacloprid Technical 97%

Imidacloprid 70% WDG,  Imidacloprid 600g/L SC, Imidacloprid 350g/L SC

thiamethoxam Technical 98%

Thiamethoxam 70% DF,  the formulation products may be supplied in al-sachets,  the bag size is changable according to your suggestion.

Ethylene Oxide Purified 100

Ethylene oxide is a cyclic ether.It is the simplest epoxide, a three-membered ring consisting of two carbon and one oxygen atom.Ethylene oxide is industrially produced by direct oxidation of ethylene in the presence of silver catalyst. It is extremely flammable and explosive and is used as a main component of thermobaric weapons.Ethylene oxide readily reacts with various compounds, breaking a C–O bond and opening the cycle.It is typically used as an intermediate and raw material for many organic syntheses.Ethylene oxide is registered as an antimicrobial disinfectant and is active against a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Ethylene oxide is used for the sterilization of surgical instruments and equipment in hospitals and veterinary institutions, and for the sterilization of equipment in food handling and food processing plants.Ethylene Oxide gas used in manufacturing organic compounds and as a fumigant.

O,O-Diethyl Dithiophosphate

O,O-Diethyl Dithiophosphate is a processor for production of organophosphate insecticides such as parathion and parathion-methyl. It is a blackish-brown clear liquid with the odor similar to that of rotten eggs.It is used to transform nitriles into thioamides in excellent yields. O,O-Diethyl Dithiophosphate is used in the synthesis of novel phosphorothioates and phosphorodithioates.

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alpha-Hexachlorocyclohexane is an organochloride which is one of the isomers of hexachlorocyclohexane. It is a byproduct of the production of the insecticide lindane and it is typically still contained in commercial grade lindane used as insecticide.

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imazapic Technical 98% min

Imazapic /imazameth CAS 104098-48-8

Appearance: light yellow to white crystal solid, no visible impurity.

Content: 98.0% min

Packing: 25kgs/paper barrel

Usage: for controlling weeds in peanut


Tea Saponin Purified 60%min.

Molecular Formula: C57H90O2
Molecular Weight: 1200
Structural Formula:
Form: powder
Color: light yellow powder
Odor & Taste: Pungent taste and irritative odor
CAS No.: 8047-15-2

Manufacture of emulsifiers, detergents, pesticide additives,
crab shrimp breeding protection agents, textile additives, oil field foam agents,
mining flotation agents and aerated concrete foam stabilizer and concrete admixture - antifreeze.

imazethapyr Technical 98%min

Imazethapyr CAS 81335-77-5

Appearance: light yellow to white crystal solid, no visible impurity.

Content: 98.0% min

PH: 3.0-5.0

Heating loss: 1.0% max

Solid insoluble substance: 1.0% max

Packing: 25kgs/paper barrel 40*50cm

Usage: for controlling weeds and broadleaf weeds in Leguminous crops

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