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egg albumin A.C.S.

Appearance : White-Creamish powder

pH : 7.0-8.0

Solubility : Min.85%

Protein : Min.80%

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eriochrome black t A.C.S.

Formula: C20H12N3O7SNa

Molar mass: 461.381 g/mol

Appearance: dark red/brown powder

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europium sulfide lab grade 99% LAB GRADE 99%

Europium sulfide is dark gray powder, which is a kind of rare earth sulfides. The other names are europium(II) sulfide, europium sulphide. It is stable in air. Eu2O3 is the raw material. It can use europium oxalate or europium sulfate as raw material too.

Europium Sulfide

CAS No.: 12020-65-4 EINECS No.: 234-661-3 Molecular Formula: EuS Molecular Weight:184.02


>99.95% >99% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%
Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
<0.000% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001% <0.0001%
Fe Si Ca Al Cu Ni O S
<0.0003% <0.0005% <0.0002% <0.0005% <0.0003% <0.0003% <0.0003% <1.0%


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gallium sulfide Industrial Grade 99.99%

Gallium sulfide includes digallium trisulfide and gallium(II) sulfide, which are minor metal sulfides. Gallium(III) sulfide is white powder, however gallium(II) sulfide is yellow crystal. Ga2S3 is stable at room temperature and pressure. In air it slowly release hydrogen sulfide and turns into gallium trioxide, but quickly in water. Ga2S3 react with nitric acid to form hydrogen sulfide and sulfur and Ga3+ ion solution left. It dissolve in concentrated lye because it turns into gallium acid ion (IV). GaS sublimate at 900~1000℃ and decompose when higher than melting point. When heating in air, it release SO2. Processing it with 15% boilin acetic acid release hydrogen sulfide, which react with bromine violently. Gallium metal is raw material for GaS and Ga2S3.

Gallium Sulfide

CAS No.:12024-22-5 EINECS No.:234-692-2 Molecular Formula:Ga2S3 Molecular Weight:235.64
Density:3.65 Melting Point:1255 UN 3260 8/PG 2  
CAS No.:12024-10-1 EINECS No.:234-688-0 Molecular Formula:GaS Molecular Weight:101.79
Density:3.75 Melting Point:970℃


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hypophosphorous acid Purified 50%

Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent. It is used in the formulation of pharmaceuticals, discoloration of polymers, water treatment, retrieval of precious or non-ferrous metals. Its main use is for electroless plating; i.e. deposition of select metal films from solution on a sensitized surface.

Hypophosphorous Acid Resin Grade is used to reduce colour of Alkyd and Polyester resin.

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indium tin alloy Industrial Grade 99.9%

Indium Tin Alloy


Indium tin alloy get different content ratio, so the melting point is different accordingly. It can process into foil, sheet, string and wire. The smallest thickness of foil is 0.1mm. The smallest diameter of wire is 1.0mm.

Indium Tin Alloy

    InSn48 InSn50 InSn52 InSn62 InSn80 InSn95
Melting Point Solidus curve 118℃ 117℃ 117℃ 153℃ 189℃ 218℃
Liquidus curve 125℃ 131℃ 166℃ 199℃ 222℃


It applies to special welding material in electron industry, semiconductor industry  and special encapsulating material in military products.


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lithium perchlorate A.C.S. 99%

Appearance : White to Off white crystals or lumps

Assay : Min.99%

pH : 5.5-7.5

Heavy metals : 0.001%

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m-Cresol is a phenol. Amongst its uses it can be used as a solvent for dissolving polymers, most notably the conducting polymer polyaniline. When polyaniline is cast from a solution of m-cresol or a polyaniline film is exposed to m-cresol vapor the conductivity is higher than a polyaniline film cast without the presence of m-cresol.

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m-Phenylenediamine is an aromatic amine. It is an isomer of o-phenylenediamine and p-phenylenediamine. It is used in the preparation various polymers including aramid fibers, epoxy resins, wire enamel coatings and polyurea elastomers. Other uses for m-phenylenediamine include as an accelerator for adhesive resins, and as a component for hair dyes and dyes for leather and textiles.

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