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Aluminum Sulfide Industrial Grade 99%

Aluminum sulfide is light yellow granules, which has smell of sulfur, which is a kind of metal sulfides. It completely hydrolyze in hot water and turns out aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide. Aluminium sulphide can hydrolyze in moist air, so it has smell of hydrogen sulfide. When heating, aluminum trisulfide corrode china.  Al2S3 can be reduced by iron and hydrocarbon that get aluminum. When come to sulfur dioxide, it turns out sulfur and aluminum sulfate.  Aluminum powder and sulfur are the raw material.

Aluminum Sulfide

CAS No.: 1302-81-4 EINECS No.: 215-109-0 Molecular Formula:Al2S3 Molecular Weight: 150.16
Melting Point: 1100℃ Boiling Point: 1500℃ Density: 2.02 UN 3134 4.3/PG 3


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Amaranth is a dark red to purple azo dye used as a food dye and to color cosmetics. The name was taken from amaranth grain, a plant distinguished by its red color and edible protein-rich seeds. Amaranth is an anionic dye. It can be applied to natural and synthetic fibers, leather, paper, and phenol-formaldehyde resins. As a food additive it has E number E123. Amaranth usually comes as a trisodium salt. It has the appearance of reddish-brown, dark red to purple water-soluble powder that decomposes at 120 °C without melting. Amaranths water solution has absorption maximum at about 520 nm.

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Aminobenzylamine is used as intermediate in organic syntheses

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Ammonia Borane

Ammonia borane is a colourless solid, it is the simplest molecular boron-nitrogen-hydride compound and has attracted attention as a source of hydrogen fuel.Ammonia borane has been suggested as a storage medium for hydrogen when the gas is used to fuel motor vehicles.

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Ammoniacal Silver Nitrate

Ammoniacal Silver Nitrate is also called Tollen's Reagent. It is used to determine the presence of an aldehyde, aromatic aldehyde and alpha-hydroxy ketone functional groups.

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Ammonium Acetate

Ammonium acetate is a chemical compound. As the salt of a weak acid and a weak base, ammonium acetate has a number of distinctive properties. It is occasionally employed as a biodegradable de-icing agent. It is often used with acetic acid to create a buffer solution, one that can be thermally decomposed to non-ionic products. It is useful in the Knoevenagel condensation in organic synthesis. It can be used with distilled water to make a protein precipitating reagent. It is often used as an aqueous buffer for ESI mass spectrometry of proteins and other molecules.

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Ammonium Acetate LAB GRADE > 97 %

Ammonium Acetate is synthesized by the reaction of Ammonia Gas and Acetic Acid. Ammonium Acetate is a white crystalline solid. LR Grade or Pure Grade Ammonium Acetate is manufactured and supplied in bulk quantities by Sampan Enterprises across India.

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Ammonium Adipate

Diammonium adipate is the ammonium salt of adipic acid. It is widely used in electronics industry instead of ammonium borate as working solution for preparation of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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