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Auramine O

Auramine O is a diarylmethane dye used as a fluorescent stain. It can be used to stain acid-fast bacteria, where it binds to the mycolic acid in its cell wall, in a way similar to Ziehl-Neelsen stain. It can also be used as a fluorescent version of Schiff reagent. Auramine O can be used together with Rhodamine B as the Truant auramine-rhodamine stain for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It can be also used as an antiseptic agent.

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Aurin is an organic compound, forming yellowish or deep-red crystals with greenish metallic luster. It is soluble in strong acids to form yellow solution, or in aqueous alkalis to form carmine red solutions. Due to this behaviour it can be used as pH indicator with pH transition range 5.0 - 6.8. It used as intermediate in manufacturing of dyes.

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AutoZyme Chloride

AutoZyme Chloride is reagent set for determination of chlorine in serum / plasma based on mercuric thiocyanate method. AutoZyme Chloride is a single reagent system.

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AutoZyme Phosphorus

AutoZyme Phosphorus is a reagent set for determination of inorganic phosphorus in serum based on UV end point method using ammonium molybdate.

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AutoZyme Urea

AutoZyme Urea is a reagent set for determination of urea / blood urea nitrogen based on enzymatic method using urease.

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Azomethine H

Azomethine H is a Orange-yellow powder,it is odorless stable and no hazardous self-reactivity. Incompatible with oxidizing agents.

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Azoxymethane is a carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemical compound used in biological research. It is the oxide of azomethane. It is particularly effective in inducing colon carcinomas.

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