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Albert Stain A Solution

Albert stain is used to demonstrate special structure in bacteria. It is mainly used to detect metachromatic granules that is commonly found in Corynebcterium diphtheria. Two reagents are used in the staining process, which are Albert A solution and Albert B solution.

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Ammonium purpurate acid

Murexide is used in analytical chemistry as a complexometric indicator for complexometric titrations, most often of calcium ions, but also for Cu, Ni, Co, Th and rare earth metals.It is also used as a colorimetric reagent for measurement of calcium and rare earth metals.

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Barium Iodide Dihydrate

7787-33-9,Barium Iodide Dihydrate

Butylmagnesium Chloride

Butylmagnesium Chloride is used as an reagent.

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Dess-Martin Periodinane

The Dess-Martin periodinane (DMP) is commercially available and decomposes only slowly. But DMP is heat- and shock-sensitive, and shows an exotherm when heated >130 °C. 2-Iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX), the impact-sensitive intermediate in the synthesis of the Dess-Martin periodinane, is available in a DMSO solution and is also used as an oxidizing agent.

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