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2,4-Dinitrofluorobenzene is used for determining the N-terminal amino acid in polypeptide chains, in particular insulin.It is a chemical used for polypeptide sequencing.

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7-Amino-4-Methylcoumarin is a well-known laboratory reagent employed in the preparation of fluorogenic AMC-based substrates for the detection of proteolytic enzyme activity.

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Acetone Carboxymethoxime

Acetone Carboxymethoxime is used in laboratory as research chemical.

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Ammonium Bismuth Citrate

Ammonium bismuth citrate is used in preparation for culture medium. It is also used in medical astringent.

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Ammonium Nickel Sulphate

Ammonium nickel sulphate is used for electroplating nickel.

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Benzylchloromethyl Ether

Benzyl chloromethyl ether is a powerful alkylating agent ,It is used as a solvent in coatings,also used as protection agent and synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates.

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