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Pyridinium Chlorochromate

Pyridinium chlorochromate is a reddish orange solid reagent used to oxidize primary alcohols to aldehydes and secondary alcohols to ketones. It will not fully oxidize a primary alcohol to the carboxylic acid as does the Jones reagent. A disadvantage to pyridinium chlorochromate using is its toxicity. It was developed by Elias James Corey and William Suggs in 1975. Pyridinium dichromate is a similar oxidizing agent, which has the advantage of being less acidic.

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Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Sodium Acetate Trihydrate is formed by the reaction of acetic acid and sodium hydroxide.It is used in dyes & colour intermediates, pharmaceuticals, cinnamic acid, soaps, photography, purification of glucose.It is also used in meat preservation, medicine, electroplating, tanning, dehydrating agent, buffer, lab reagent, food additives.

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2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine is a substituted hydrazine, and is often used to qualitatively test for carbonyl groups associated with aldehydes and ketones. The hydrazone derivatives can also be used as evidence toward the identity of the original compound.

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3,5 -Diiodo Salicylic Acid

3,5 -Diiodo Salicylic Acid,133-91-5 

4-Fluorophenylboronic Acid

4-Fluorophenylboronic Acid is a yellow to beige crystalline or fluffy powder,used as intermediates of Liquid Crystals.

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5% LUGOL's Iodine Solution

5% LUGOL's Iodine Solution


Cat# CPIL100594
Unlabeled CAS# 208-96-8
Labeled CAS# 93951-97-4
Chemical Formula C12D8
Molecular Weight 160.2
Chemical Purity 0.99

Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

Calcium chloride dihydrate is used in the the pharmaceuticals industry, for dialysis and infusion solutions and childrens diets. It is also used for drinks, and various other solutions in the food industry. It can also be used in the cosmetic industry.

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Di - Ethylene glycol (DEG)

DEG Used for various purposes of solvents,gas dehydration desiccant,aromatic separation extractant,textile lubricants,softener,finishing agent,brake fluid,antifreeze detergent ingredients preparation,&in the ink&other chemicals in the dispersion of solvents.

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