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Trimethylsulphonium Iodide

TMSOI; RARECHEM AQ A1 0066; Trimethylsulfoxonium; trimethyl-sulfoxoniuiodide; TRIMETHYLSULFOXONIUM IODIDE; trimethylsulphoxoniumioidie; Trimethylsulfoxonium iodate; Trimethysulfoxonium Iodide; TRIMETHYLSULPHOXONIUM IODIDE; trimethylsulfoxoniuim iodide

2,2-Azobis Isobutyronitrile

2,2-Azobis Isobutyronitrile is a reaction initiator to "kick-start" the polymerisation.It is used as a foamer in plastics and rubber and as a radical initiator.It is also used as Blowing agent for elastomers and plastics.

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2,3-Dihydroindole-2,3-Dione is used to make selective herbicides.2,3-Dihydroindole-2,3-Dione and its derivatives are widely used in making perfumes, agrochemicals and medicines.

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Acetylene Dicarboxylic Acid

Acetylenedicarboxylic acid is used in the synthesis of dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate, an important laboratory reagent. Both the acid and the monobasic salt potassium hydrogenacetylenedicarboxylate KC4HO4 are commonly traded as laboratory chemicals.

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Acid Green 28 LAB GRADE 97%

Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We provide Acid Green 28 (cas:12217-29-7). More information please visit the website:

Boron Sulfide LAB GRADE 99%

Boron sulfide is yellow to white crystal or amorphous powder. The other name is boron trisulfide or boron(III) sulfide. It turns paste after heating. B2S3 resolve in moist air. It faintly dissolve in phosphorus trichloride and sulfur dichloride. It tend to hydrolyze and form boric acid and hydrogen sulfide. B2S3 resolve in alcohol too. Iron boride is the raw material.

Boron Sulfide

CAS No.: 12007-33-9 Molecular Formula:B2S3 Molecular Weight:118.1 Density:1.55
Melting Point:310℃      
B2S3 Co Cu Al Mg Pb Fe Mn
≥99% 35ppm 20ppm 30ppm 50ppm 10ppm 80ppm 10ppm
Cr Bi Ti Sb As Te Si Na
50ppm 30ppm 80ppm 30ppm 10ppm 10ppm 80ppm 100ppm


Chloro ethanol Technical 99

Photodissociation of 2-chloro ethanol in a molecular beam at 193nm has been investigated[1]. 2-Chloroethanol is widely used as industrial solvent

Culture Media Ingredients

For any Bacterium to be made for any specific purpose , it is necessary to provide an appropriate biochemical and biophysical environment is made available as “CULTURE MEDIUM” based upon the special need of particular bacteria, a variety of culture media have been developed. The manner in which bacteria are cultivated and purpose of culture media vary widely. In some cases Liquid media is used and in some others Solid medium is found suitable. The usual gelling agent for solid or semi-solid medium is Agar Agar. Agar is used because of its unique physical properties an because its unique physical properties and because it cannot be metabolized by most bacteria . it is also relatively inert and holds nutrients that are in aqueous solution. Other ingredients are added depending on specific purpose.

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